InnoDB Architecture and Optimization for MySQL 8.0

Tuesday 9:30AM - 12:30PM

@ Texas 1

MySQL/MariaDBOpen Source Databases

3 hours tutorial



InnoDB: What you didn't know about the storage engine that powers most of the web

InnoDB is the most commonly used storage engine for MySQL 8.0 and Percona Server for MySQL and is the focus for the majority of storage engine development by the MySQL and Percona teams.

In this tutorial, we will look at the InnoDB architecture, including new developments in MySQL 8.0 as well as Percona Server for MySQL. We will explain how InnoDB should be used to get the best performance from your application. We will provide specific advice on server configuration, schema design, application architecture, and hardware choices.


Peter Zaitsev

Peter Zaitsev (Percona)



Peter co-founded Percona in 2006, assuming the role of CEO. Percona helps companies of all sizes maximize their success with MySQL. Percona was named to the Inc. 5000 in 2013. Peter was an early employee at MySQL AB, eventually leading the company's High Performance Group. A serial entrepreneur, Peter co-founded his first startup while attending Moscow State University where he majored in Computer Science. As CEO of Percona, Peter enjoys mixing business leadership with hands on technical expertise. Peter is the co-author of High Performance MySQL published by O'Reilly, one of the most popular books on MySQL performance. Peter blogs regularly on and speaks frequently at conferences. Peter lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children. In his spare time, Peter enjoys travel and spending time outdoors.

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