Globalizing Player Accounts with MySQL at Riot Games

Wednesday 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM

@ Hill Country D


25 minutes conference


MySQL, Migration

The Player Accounts team at Riot Games needed to consolidate the player account infrastructure and provide a single, global accounts system for the League of Legends player base. To do this, they migrated hundreds of millions of player accounts into a consolidated, globally replicated composite database cluster in AWS. This provided higher fault tolerance and lower latency access to account data. In this talk, we discuss this effort to migrate eight disparate database clusters into AWS as a single composite MySQL database cluster replicated in four different AWS regions, provisioned with terraform, and managed and operated by Ansible.

This talk will briefly overview the evolution of the player accounts services from legacy isolated datacenter deployments to a globally replicated database cluster fronted by our account services and outline some of the growing pains and experiences that got us to where we are today.


Tyler Turk

Tyler Turk (Riot Games)

Senior Infrastructure Engineer


Tyler is an engineer on the player accounts team at Riot Games. The Player Accounts team is responsible for every player's ability to log in and manage account data. In 2018, we re-architected our systems to become GDPR compliant, provide a better player experience, and enable Riot to become a multi-game company in the future.

Throughout Tyler's career, he's been primarily focused on system and deployment automation with a recent focus on web services, applications, databases, game servers, and backend filesystems (GlusterFS). His tools of choice to accomplish these tasks are Terraform, Packer, and ansible.


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