From MySQL to TiDB and back again

Wednesday 5:40 PM - 6:05 PM

@ Big Bend AB

MySQL/MariaDBOpen Source DatabasesTiDB

50 minutes conference


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When evaluating if a new database is a fit for your organization, it can pay to be risk-averse. In this talk, I will demonstrate how you can replicate from MySQL to TiDB and evaluate for performance and correctness initially only as a read-only slave -- reducing the risk of evaluating TiDB.

I will then demonstrate how MySQL can be set up as a replica of TiDB, with the ability to fail-back if any problems are discovered when it becomes a master.

As we move through each step in validating TiDB, you may be familiar with some of the tools being used (mydumper, pt-upgrade, ProxySQL). One of the great parts about speaking the MySQL protocol is you benefit from the ecosystem surrounding it.


Morgan Tocker

Morgan Tocker (PingCAP)

Senior Product and Community Manager


Morgan Tocker is a Senior Product and Community Manager at PingCAP, the company behind TiDB. He has worked in the MySQL space for over 15 years, and was previously the Product Manager for the MySQL Server at Oracle.

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