Facebook's MySQL Client Stack

Wednesday 4:15 PM - 5:05 PM

@ Hill Country C


50 minutes conference


MySQL, Observability & Monitoring

The client stack provides the data plane required to access MySQL from client applications. At Facebook we have a fully featured client stack along with MySQL protocol proxies that we use to scale MySQL across regions. This talk will provide an overview of the MySQL client libraries in use at Facebook, our MySQL protocol proxies, and our integrations with internal service discovery, logging, and monitoring systems.


Jason Rahman

Jason Rahman (Facebook)

Software Engineer


Jason is a Software Engineer who enjoys working on proxies, network protocols, and distributed systems. He works on Facebook's MySQL Engineering team, focused on building out a highly scalable client and proxy tier as a platform for our internal customers. Outside of work, you can find him exploring and photographing the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Andrew Regner

Andrew Regner (Facebook)

Production Engineer


Andrew is a Linux generalist that loves to work on large scale distributed systems. He works on Facebook's MySQL Infrastructure team and is focused on operational efficiency of both humans and servers. This is done by building new software robots that take over more and more of his co-worker's jobs from them, and mediating the arguments that these young and sometimes overly opinionated robots get into.

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