Expert MariaDB: Harness the Strengths of MariaDB Server

Tuesday 9:30AM - 12:30PM

@ Hill Country C


3 hours tutorial



MariaDB Server 10.3 has been out for nearly a year, and MariaDB Server 10.4 is almost baked. It has many new features, some of which MySQL does not have, including system versioned tables, Oracle compatibility, a completely merged SPIDER storage engine for sharding and more. However it is also important to remember that previous releases have also gotten improvements, like having the MyRocks storage engine, DML only flashback to rollback tables/databases to an older snapshot, integrated Galera Cluster, threadpool, InnoDB defragmentation and a whole lot more.

Feature wise, it is important to know what MariaDB Server 10.3 (and 10.4 — system tables in the Aria storage engine, ability to reload SSL certificates without a restart and more!) have and what they also lack from MySQL 8.0 (group replication, the X Protocol, etc.).

Come to this tutorial to learn how MariaDB Server makes it better for the developer as well as the operations personnel, and all participants will leave more knowledgable on how to better manage, observe, and secure their MariaDB Servers. In addition, there will be a focus on High Availability as well as backups (covering Mariabackup) & disaster recovery.

Attendees will be able to:
* Upgrade their MySQL servers to MariaDB successfully.
* Learn the features that MariaDB offers beyond MySQL.
* Understand the compatibility between MariaDB and MySQL, including how applications will work and react to it.
* Learn how to harness all the new features MariaDB 10.3 comes with.
* Dive deep into the storage engines that exist and what they are used for
* Understand MariaDB Server replication options
* Develop more efficiently against features available in MariaDB Server

What will not be covered in this tutorial are: MariaDB ColumnStore, MariaDB MaxScale, and the new cloud offering.


Colin Charles

Colin Charles (Galera Cluster)



Colin Charles is a Consultant at Codership, the makers of Galera Cluster. Previously, Colin was on the founding team of MariaDB Server, and has been around the MySQL ecosystem including being an early employee at MySQL, and worked actively on the Fedora and projects. Colin has been a MySQL user since 2000.

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