Empowering Users with Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Wednesday 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

@ Foothills 1

Open Source Databases

50 minutes conference


Observability & Monitoring, Innovative Technologies

When you want to process your application logs, Elasticsearch bubbles up as the go-to technology. Elasticsearch is a popular, open source distributed search and analytics package. The Elasticsearch stack adds a usability layer to search, analyze and process your Apache Lucene data. Open Distro for Elasticsearch is a full open source package designed by AWS to enhance and protect the open source capabilities of the base Elasticsearch engine. This distribution bundles critical open source components including security, cluster diagnostics, alerting and SQL capabilities for Elasticsearch. My talk will guide you through Open Distro features and build tools. I will also cover the project's community driven approach to building a great open source search stack where you can join in and collaborate.


Alolita Sharma

Alolita Sharma (Amazon Web Services)

Principal Technologist


Alolita Sharma is a Principal Technologist at AWS. Currently, she drives open source strategy and developer contributions for open source projects such as Open Distro for Elasticsearch. Two decades of doing open source continue to inspire her. Alolita has built and led engineering teams at Wikipedia, Twitter, PayPal and IBM. Alolita is passionate about language technologies that enable everyone to participate in the Web's information revolution. She serves on the board of Unicode Consortium and is an invited expert on W3C and ECMA workgroups. She has served on the boards of the OSI and SFLC.in. You can find her on Twitter @alolita.


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