Sessions Day 1 - Wednesday 29 May 2019

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InnoDB Management and Scalability Improvements in MySQL 8.0Opensource Column Store Databases: MariaDB ColumnStore vs. ClickHouseHow to use Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) to build and manage applications at scalePercona XtraDB Cluster 8.0 (PXC-8.0)Complex Stateful Applications Made Easier with KubernetesOptimizing Database Performance and EfficiencyBest Practices for Migrating MySQL to the CloudTiDB 3.0 -- Benchmarking StabilityBest Practices in protecting today's big data and open source workloads
New Features in MySQL 8.0 ReplicationGetting Started with PostgreSQLGalera Cluster New FeaturesUpgrading to MongoDB 4.0 From Older VersionsNew Features in ProxySQL 2.0Building a Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster Using PMM with AWS RDS and AuroraAre we there Yet? (The Long Journey From Oracle to Open Source Solution)Using Chaos Engineering to Build a Reliable TiDBThe State of Databases in 2019
Lunch - Exhibit Hall Open
MySQL 8.0 Performance: Scalability & BenchmarksGonymizer: A PostgreSQL Tool for Anonymizing Protected Health for HIPAA Compliant Test InfrastructureLessons Learned Building a Fully Automated Database Platform as a Service Using Open Source Technologies in the CloudPerforming MongoDB Massive Write Operations EfficientlyMySQL on Google Cloud: The Good, The Bad, and The UglyVitess: Running Sharded MySQL on KubernetesIntroducing the new PMM 2.0!Getting Started with Oracle to PostgreSQL MigrationsFrom MySQL to TiDB and back againMailchimp Scale: a MySQL Perspective
The MySQL Query Optimizer Explained Through Optimizer TraceUpgrade or Migrate Your PostgreSQL Database Through a Lowest Possible DowntimeMariaDB Security Features and Best PracticesMongoDB HA, What Can Go Wrong?Errant GTIDs Breaking Replication: How to Detect and Avoid ThemHA PostgreSQL on Kubernetes by DemoAutomated Database Monitoring at Uber With M3 and PrometheusMigrating Between Proprietary and Open Source Database Technologies - Calculating Your ROIDeep Dive into TiDB SQL LayerCustomer-Facing Reports Automation: Focusing on Adding Value
Coffee Break - Exhibit Hall Open
MySQL Performance Optimization and Troubleshooting with Percona Monitoring and ManagementPostgreSQL WAL and ReplicationMariaDB and MySQL - What Statistics Optimizer Needs Or When and How Not to Use IndexesMongoDB Data Security - Custom Rules and ViewsPercona XtraBackup vs Mariabackup vs MySQL Enterprise BackupAn Open-Source, Cloud Native Database (CNDB)Problem Identification and Resolution using PMM - A Case StudyTop 10 Mistakes When Migrating From Oracle to PostgreSQLMaking HTAP Real with TiFlash -- A TiDB Native Columnar ExtensionJourney of MySQL at PayPal
MySQL and ZFSMySQL Group Replication vs PostgreSQL Bi-Directional ReplicationTips and Tricks with MariaDB ColumnStoreMongoDB Compatible Document Layer on FoundationDBLATERAL Derived Tables in MySQL 8.0Kafka on Kubernetes: Does It Really Have To Be "The Hard Way"?Grafana Loki: Like Prometheus, But For LogsReplicating MySQL Data to TiDB For Real-Time AnalyticsAdopting a Habit of Continuous Learning
A Discussion on the Advantages Afforded MySQL DBaaS offerings hosted on Intel's Next Gen PlatformHow a MySQL DBA Sees PostgreSQL (and Why Their Company Should Worry About It)Squash That Old BugMongoDB: Where Are We Going From Here?MySQL Shell: The Best DBA tool? How to Use the MySQL Shell as a Framework for DBAsThe Highs and Lows of Running a Distributed Database on KubernetesExtending and Customizing Percona Monitoring and ManagementGlobalizing Player Accounts with MySQL at Riot GamesLow Cost Transactional and Analytics With MySQL and Clickhouse, Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

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