Conference Committee

For this year’s Percona Live we’re building an innovative new committee structure with smaller teams of technology specialists reviewing the tracks that are of most interest to them. Each track is led by a member of the Percona technology team, who likewise has a special interest in their track. Cloud and Innovative Technologies are omnipresent: some of the talks may be specially selected for representation in these tracks at the conference.


Daniel Black

Daniel Black is a serial micropatcher of open source projects working at IBM doing performance and porting coding for POWER Systems. He was formerly a DBA consultant for Open Query where he started writing far too many patches for MariaDB, a tradition which he continues today.

Track: MariaDB


Brian Brazil

Brian Brazil is a Prometheus developer and the founder of Robust Perception. He works across the Prometheus ecosystem, and is involved in areas such as best practices, exporters, PromQL semantics and client libraries. He is the main writer for the Reliable Insights blog, which regularly covers Prometheus topics and the author of the book Prometheus: Up and Running.

Track: Observability and Monitoring


Emanuel Calvo

Emanuel Calvo is Senior Data Engineer with OnGres. Since early years in my professional career, Databases and Open Source both had a considerable predominance at work, and eventually turned into my specialization over other IT technologies and areas. Like any other IT components, Open Source Databases, are not isolated from the inherent and forced evolution of the technology stacks and, as a DB professional, my main concern was to not split the database component from the whole architecture as it used to be an odd piece due to its complexity. That is, mostly, the reason for my profile being mutated during the last years and positions, converging into a Database Reliability Engineer with consistent knowledge of architecture and infrastructure - emphatically IaaC (Infra as a Code), manipulating databases as any other component through CD/CI, and following the most modern HA concepts. Not mentioned, at least directly, I managed to support and implement full architectures on bare metal premises and major cloud providers (being OnGres, Google Cloud partner), both in virtualized environments as dedicated hosting.

Even though relational databases are frequently mentioned here (MySQL and Postgres, among others), I do not subscribe to these exclusively, as nowadays all different engines (KV, FTS, analytics/columnar store) are integrated in complex stacks and need to synergy efficiently in the data workflow.

Part of this mutation, I'm currently walking through Data Engineering role, integrating components and setting up Data Lakes for stream analytics and experiencing with different engines and models. I also co-founded CanalDBA, with the intention of agglomerating specialists and advocating Open Source Databases in Latam.

Track: Other Open Source Databases


Gabriel Ciciliani

Gabriel Ciciliani is Internal Principal Consultant at Pythian specializing in MySQL and MongoDB. Gabriel has been dedicated to databases as a DBA and consultant for the last 12 years. He has lead and participated in multiple projects across many technologies, including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and MongoDB. Gabriel defines himself as an automation super fan and he contributed to the development of two custom DBaaS platforms.

Track: Migration to OSDB, MongoDB


Vicențiu Ciorbaru

Vicențiu Ciorbaru works for the MariaDB Foundation as a Server Developer and de facto team-lead of junior developers and new contributors. Vicențiu's past projects include Roles in MariaDB, Window Functions, Custom Aggregate functions. He also ensures MariaDB remains stable and up-to-date in Linux distributions by handling distribution specific bugs, especially in Debian.

Track: MariaDB


Jeremy Cole

Jeremy Cole is a pioneer of MySQL scalability having worked for on MySQL for 19 years at MySQL AB, Yahoo!, Proven Scaling (providing advanced MySQL consulting), Twitter, Google, and now working as a Sr. Production Engineering Lead in the Datastores team at Shopify.

Track: MySQL


Brian Davis

Brian Davis is CTO at On/X - CBTS. Brian specializes in large enterprise infrastructure architecture, design, testing, deployment and troubleshooting; business & technology strategy; High Availability systems.

Track: Business & Enterprise


Cristina DeLisle

Cristina DeLisle is DPO, Legal Admin at XWiki. Interested in software ever since beginning to work at XWiki, an open source project which made me more tech aware, coming from a juridical background. As a DPO, Christina has been following the GDPR's evolution, striving to ensure on a daily basis compliance with the applicable data protection rules.

Track: Database Security


Calin Don

Calin Don is Founder and CTO of Presslabs providing smart managed WordPress hosting services to business.

Track: Kubernetes


Derek Downey

Derek Downey is the Director of Managed Services for the Open Source Database practice at Pythian, helping to align technical and business objectives for the company and its clients. Derek loves automating MySQL, implementing visualization strategies and creating repeatable training environments.

Tracks: MySQL


Daniël van Eeden

Daniël van Eeden is DBA at System administrator (Linux and Solaris). Database administrator and developer (MySQL). Specialties:MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, Solaris and Security.

Track: Database Security


Peter Eisentraut

Peter Eisentraut is a PostgreSQL Core Team Developer from 2ndQuadrant.

Track: PostgreSQL


Etsuro Fujita

Etsuro Fujita is Senior Expert at NTT Open Source Software Center. He has been involved in the PostgreSQL project since 2011, mainly contributing to enhancing Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW). He is an enthusiast for FDWs!

Track: Polyglot Persistence


Antonios Giannopoulos

Antonios Giannopoulos is a Senior NoSQL Database Administrator at ObjectRocket supporting thousands of MongoDB installations. He has 16 years experience in databases and system engineering. He enjoys addressing challenges in sharding and schema design and loves to work on migrations from the relational to the NoSQL world.

Track: MongoDB


Gillian Gunson

Gillian Gunson has been a database infrastructure engineer at GitHub for three years. Her focus has been on performance troubleshooting, incident management and observability. Her previous employers include Okta, PalominoDB, Oracle and Disney. Gillian is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Track: MySQL


Kenny Gryp

Kenny Gryp is a MySQL expert with a lot of experience in performance and architecture. While he has focused on MySQL and automation for over a decade, he has also developed expertise in other areas. He’s a well-rounded, multidimensional nerd who is skilled in many things: making a coffee on the side of a mountain, electrical building codes for single family dwellings in the US, the perfect ratio of cumin and asafoetida in tadka dal, and providing occupational therapy to a shy rabbit named Winston. He’s adept at talking, so don’t feel the need to limit in-session questions to MySQL.

Track: MySQL


Magnus Hagander

Magnus Hagander is a PostgreSQL Core Team Developer from Redpill Linpro. Magnus speaks at and organizes conferences around Open Source in general and PostgreSQL in particular.

Track: PostgreSQL


Eric Herman

Eric Herman is currently Principal Developer at and chairman of the board of directors of the MariaDB Foundation. Formerly a developer at MySQL. Always a Free Software/Open Hardware hacker and do-it-from-scratch-er exploring a strange and wondrous universe.

Track: MariaDB


Jai Hirsch

Jai Hirsch is Senior Systems Architect at CarFax. Long time technology enthusiast. Former MongoDB master and teaching assistant at MongoDB University. Currently working with distributed architectures and big data solutions at CARFAX.

Track: MongoDB


Fernando Ipar

Fernando Ipar is Internal Principal Consultant with Pythian. Originally from Cafifi, where Love, Art, and Coffee are the main exports, fipar now hails from his family home in Montevideo, Uruguay. He's been working with Open Source Databases since 2001 and with Open Source Software since 1998, and loves anything that can store and retrieve data, though being technology from the 70s himself, he feels special fondness towards databases inspired by the relational model.

Track: Other Open Source Databases


Shiv Iyer

Shiv Iyer is very long-time MySQL consultant (over 16 years) with core expertise in web-scale database infrastructure operations performance, scalability and SRE. Shiv in the past worked for companies like SUN - MySQL AB. APAC, PayPal, eBay,, AOL, PalominoDB and Percona. Shiv currently is the Founder and Principal of MinervaDB, an independent and vendor neutral consulting, support and remote DBA services provider for MySQL, MariaDB and ClickHouse with more than 100 customers worldwide.

Tracks: MariaDB, MySQL


Valerii Kravchuk

Valerii Kravchuk worked on MySQL bugs and provided support to MySQL users for more than 13 years in MySQL AB, Sun, Oracle and Percona. He has been a Principal Support Engineer in MariaDB Corporation since March, 2016. You may know him already as MySQL Entomologist.

Track: MariaDB


Ben Mildren

Ben Mildren is Senior Database Engineer at Digital Ocean. His specialities are MySQL, MySQL Cluster, SQL Server, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Scalability, and Performance.

Tracks: Automation & AI, Migration to OSDB


Aleksei Milovidov

Aleksei Milovidov is ClickHouse Development Team Leader at Yandex. Since 2008 has been developing data storage systems for Yandex Metrica, and is the ClickHouse project founder and developer.

Track: Other Open Source Databases, Polyglot Persistence


Bruce Momjian

Bruce Momjian is a PostgreSQL Core Team Developer from EnterpriseDB. Bruce has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996 and been employed by EnterpriseDB since 2006. He has spoken at many international open-source conferences and is the author of PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts, published by Addison-Wesley.

Track: PostgreSQL


Karoly Nagy

Karoly Nagy joined Salesforce in 2018 February as Lead Database Engineer. Before that he was MySQL SRE at Dropbox and system engineer at He’s been working with databases for more than 10 years and is a big enthusiast of system automation. Combining those interests he's been spending his time developing automation systems for database operations for over seven years now. Before that he was system engineer and leader of IT operations at a market leading website in Hungary. Karoly’s main interests in the database realm are search engines, performance tuning, and machine learning.

Track: Automation & AI


Sergey A. Razin

Sergey A. Razin is CTO at Swampfox Technologies Inc. As CTO, Sergey is responsible for driving product strategy and innovation. A noted authority in advanced analytics and machine learning, Sergey pioneered and holds patents in the application of these technologies in the areas of IT security, media, and speech recognition. He is currently leading the development of innovative solutions based on these technologies to enable contact centers. Prior to joining Swampfox, Sergey was the CTO of SIOS where he pioneered products in the AIOps space, EMC CTO office where he drove initiations in areas of network protocols, cloud and storage management, metrics, and analytics. Sergey has also served as Principal Investigator (PI), leader in research, development and architecture in areas of big data analytics, speech recognition, telephony, and networking. Sergey is a professor of AI and Entrepreneurial Engineering as well as Industry Advisory board member. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the Moscow State Scientific Center of Informatics.

Track: Automation & AI


Federico Razzoli

Federico Razzoli is a relational databases lover and an open source supporter. He wrote Mastering MariaDB in 2014, and he was a MariaDB Community Ambassador.

Track: MariaDB


Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves is CTO at Datical / Liquibase.  Robert advocates for Datical’s customers and provides technical architecture leadership. Prior to co-founding Datical, he was a Director at the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI). At ATI he provided real world entrepreneurial expertise to ATI member companies to aid in market validation, product development and fundraising efforts.

Track: Business & Enterprise


Ketan Shah

Ketan Shah, Bloomberg.

Track: Business & Enterprise


Dave Stokes

Dave Stokes is MySQL Community Manager with Oracle. Dave is also head of the North Texas MySQL Meetup group. His specialties include: Linux, BSD, MySQL, Postgres, Apache, Neo4j, Hadoop, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Rails, Bash, and UNIX.

Track: MySQL


Calvin Sun

Calvin Sun is Cloud Database Chief Architect for Huawei Cloud. Calvin has 20+ years of database system experience. He joined MySQL in Jan 2006 as engineering manager of storage engines, later managing the InnoDB development at Oracle till March 2013. He also worked for Twitter and Oracle Cloud prior to joining Huawei Cloud in Oct 2017.

Tracks: MySQL, Migration to OSDB, Polyglot Persistence


Álvaro Hernández Tortosa

Álvaro Hernández Tortosa is Founder of OnGres. A passionate database and software developer, he is dedicated to R&D in databases, specifically PostgreSQL. Álvaro founded ToroDB, previously the “Billion Tables Project” and keeps working on innovative open source solutions for PostgreSQL.

Track: Migration to OSDB


Roman Vynar

Roman Vynar is Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Quiq. He manages and automates the infrastructure running everything in docker containers. Previously, Roman was a Lead Platform Engineer at Percona, developing monitoring tools and leading the Percona Monitoring and Management project.

Track: Observability and Monitoring


Nicklas Westerlund

Nicklas Westerlund is Technology Lead at Electronic Arts.

Track: Business & Enterprise


Tom Wilkie

Tom Wilkie is VP of Product with Grafana. Tom builds products to help software engineers understand the behaviour of their code.

Track: Observability and Monitoring


Linda Xu

Linda Xu is Senior Director, Database Service at Ticketmaster. Her priorities include to build a set of new generation tools to build/manage/operator databases in AWS in a devOps friendly mode and to introduce "infrastructure as code" mode to all database management area and use build pipeline to deploy infrastructure changes.

Track: Business & Enterprise


David Yahalom

David Yahalom is CTO of Naya Tech. David is a certified database expert and a cloud solutions architect with over 15 years of experience in information technology, database platforms and cloud solutions including Oracle, Hadoop, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

Track: Migration to OSDB

The Percona Track Champions


Max Bubenick

Max Bubenick is the Platform Lead in Percona’s Managed Services Team. He joined the company in 2013. Max has 15 years of experience working with MySQL. He is based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Track: Automation & AI


Brian Walters

Brian Walters is Percona’s Director of Solution Engineering. With over 20 years of experience in the database and technology space, Brian's career has included roles as Database Architect, Solutions Architect, Product Manager, and Pre-Sales Engineer. Brian spent 7 years at Teradata on their product engineering and product management teams followed by 7 years with Oracle as a Principal Sales Consultant.

Track: Business & Enterprise


Dennis Farar

Dennis Farar is Percona’s General Counsel & VP of HR, having joined the company in 2018. He has a particular interest in the legal and regulatory aspects of database security, but is looking forward to being immersed in the technical domain during the building of this track.

Track: Database Security


Rodrigo Trindade

Rodrigo Trindade is a Service Delivery Manager at Percona. He has over 30 years professional experience including 15+ years as Technical Support Engineer, 10+ years as a Computer Science Professor, and four years as Software Engineer. He prides himself on his problems solving and organizational skills.

Track: Java Programming and OSDB


Mykola Marzhan

Mykola Marzhan is Kubernetes Technical Lead for Percona. A Kubernetes lover, he has been developing cool stuff since 2004. Most of his career is focused on the development of deployment, update, backup and monitoring systems. He has been working in Percona for 3.5 years, and, currently, he is engaged in development of the MySQL Operator for Kubernetes.

Track: Kubernetes


Sveta Smirnova

Sveta Smirnova is Percona’s Principal Bugs Escalation Specialist. Sveta has been a MySQL support engineer since 2006 and is author of the book MySQL Troubleshooting. She is also the author of JSON UDF functions for MySQL. From 2006 - 2015 she worked in in Bugs Analysis MySQL Support Group in MySQL AB, then Sun, then Oracle before joining the Support Team of Percona in 2015.

Track: MariaDB


Marco Tusa

Marco Tusa’s role at Percona is as High Availability Practice Manager, previously working at Percona as manager of the Consulting Rapid Response Team on October 2013. He has being working as employee for the SUN Microsystems as MySQL Professional Service manager for South Europe., and previously in MySQL AB. He has worked with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation since 1994, leading the development of the Organization's hyper textual environment.Team leader for the FAO corporate database support. For several years he has led the development group in the WAICENT/Faoinfo team.

Track: Migration to OSDB


Doug Duncan

Doug Duncan joined Percona in 2018 as a Consultant. Before joining Percona he worked in various roles centered around database technologies in. He has experience in writing and tuning queries for both traditional RDBMS systems as well as the newer NoSQL platforms. He has worked as a DBA focused on MongoDB for the past several years now. When not working, you can find Doug and his family wandering around the foothills of Colorado enjoying the fresh air and nature.

Track: MongoDB


Alkin Tezuysal

Alkin Tezuysal is a Senior Technical Manager in Percona’s Managed Services team. He has extensive experience in enterprise relational databases working in various sectors for large corporations. With more than 20 years of industry experience, he has acquired skills for managing large projects from the ground up to production. For the past 10 years, he's been focusing on e-commerce, SaaS and MySQL technologies. He managed and architected database topologies for high volume site at eBay Intl. He has several years of experience in 24X7 support and operational tasks as well as improving database systems for major companies. He has led MySQL global operations team on Tier 1/2/3 support for MySQL customers. In 2016 he joined Percona's expert technical management team.

Track: MySQL


Roma Novikov

Roma Novikov joined Percona at the beginning of 2017 as Director of Platform Engineering. He started programming in 6th grade and has more than 15 years commercial experience in web development. He previously worked as CTO of one of the biggest web development/web design e-commerce company in Europe.

Track: Observability & Monitoring


Agustín Gallego

Agustín Gallego joined Percona's Support team in December 2013. He has previously worked as a Cambridge IT examinations Supervisor and as a Junior BI, SQL & C# developer. He is studying to get a Computer Systems Engineer degree at the Universidad de la República, in Uruguay.

Track: Other OSDBs


Ibrar Ahmed

Ibrar Ahmed is a Senior Software Engineer at Percona. After joining the Enterprise PostgreSQL's company in 2006, he started his career in open source development with PostgreSQL. His community contributions are from main performance feature enhancements to PostgreSQL's modules.He also has experience of other well-known databases: MySQL, Oracle, and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Hadoop. He has worked with tools such as Hive, Hbase and Spark, particularly in the context of integrating these tools with PostgreSQL. Prior to coming to open source development, he had vast experience in software design and development. The main focus was in the system level embedded development, which ranges from 8bit microprobes for low power system to embedded linux for latest processor.

Track: Polyglot Persistence


Avinash Vallarapu

Avinash Vallarapu joined Percona in 2018 as PostgreSQL Support Technical Lead. Before joining Percona, Avi worked as a Database Architect at OpenSCG for 2 Years and as a DBA Lead at Dell for 10 Years in Database technologies such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL and MongoDB. He has excellent experience in performing Architectural Health Checks, Performance Tuning and Migrations to PostgreSQL Environments.

Track: PostgreSQL


Lorraine Pocklington

Lorraine Pocklington, our Community Manager, is the committee coordinator. Lorraine joined Percona in September 2017. As Community Manager with Percona, she works on forum management, content creation, outreach, and collaboration with the open source database community.

Her work is founded on past experience in Oracle RDBMS DBA, analysis, design and programming. Other skills include WordPress wrangling and graphic design.

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