Community Dinner

For this year's Community Dinner, PlanetScale and Percona are inviting you to Enjoy A Unique View of Austin in Style!

Yes, for this year’s community dinner, we’re taking to the water! As one of the best ways to see the famous Austin bat colonies, we’ve arranged a dusk-time river cruise on the Lone Star River Boat.

Boarding is right outside the conference venue, so you won't have to rush to catch the boat. We'll sail closer to Congress Avenue Bridge where Mexican free-tailed bats have found their ideal base. You’ll have the best seats in the house for the nightly antics* of the bat roost.

A two-hour boat ride, food, and beverages are included in the ticket price. You will need to arrive by 7 pm for boarding, with the tour lasting from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. As well as – hopefully – seeing the bats, you’ll enjoy an exclusive view of the Austin skyline as the sun sets and we cruise along Lady Bird Lake. For many, it will be a once in a lifetime chance to see Austin – and the bats – from this vantage point.

Tickets are first come, first served, with a limit of 100 passengers. We expect a sell-out, so order now at or you’ll literally miss the boat!.

*Of course, we are talking about nature here: we cannot guarantee you get a spectacular show!

Our co-hosts

PlanetScale was founded in 2018 by the co-creators and maintainers of the Vitess open source project. They created and operated Vitess, an open source scaling and sharding solution for MySQL in 2010 to solve the data explosion at Youtube. They have worked on high scale systems at PayPal, Google, YouTube, and Dropbox. PlanetScale is venture-funded and based in Mountain View, California. We provide enterprise support for Vitess and also host a multi-cloud MySQL-compliant DBaaS based on Vitess.

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