The Accidental DBA

Monday 9:30AM-12:30PM

@ Room E

MySQL / MariaDB

3 hours tutorial



Open source relational databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL power some of the world's largest websites, including Yelp. They can be used out of the box with few adjustments, and rarely require a dedicated Database Administrator (DBA) right away. This means that System Administrators, Site Reliability Engineers, or Developers are usually the first to respond to some of the more interesting issues that can arise as you scale your databases.

In this talk, I'll assume that you already have a database up and running and will first go over a broad set of basics to introduce you to MySQL Database Administration. Next, I will cover the InnoDB storage engine, high performance and availability, monitoring and database defense. Finally, I'll cover the wide array of online resources, books, open source toolkits and scripts from MySQL, Percona and the Open Source community that will make the job easier.

While not hands-on, I'll be encouraging questions and this is expected to be a very interactive tutorial!


Jenni Snyder

Jenni Snyder (Yelp)

Engineering Manager - Operations


Jenni has been a MySQL DBA for over ten years, and spending the last six here at Yelp. She loves how easy it is to start with MySQL, the performance and tuning options, and the Community around it that welcomes new members. Her favorite aspects of MySQL DBA work are finding & eliminating bottlenecks, InnoDB tuning, optimizing slow queries, eliminating deadlocks, and helping developers.


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