POLARDB: InnoDB based shared-everything storage solution

Wednesday 1:50PM-2:40PM

@ Room H

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference



POLARDB provides read scale out on shared everything architecture. It features 100% backward compatibility with MySQL 5.6 and the ability to expand the capacity of a single database to over 100TB. Users can expand the computing engine and storage capability in just a matter of seconds! PolarDB offers a 6x performance improvement over MySQL 5.6 and a significant drop in costs compared to other commercial databases.

POLARDB leverages InnoDB's redo logs for physical replication. InnoDB stores physical page level operations in redo logs for crash recovery. POLARDB extends this functionality to deploy multiple read replicas for read load sharing.
In this talk we'll take a deep dive into InnoDB internals and explain the changes we made to the core InnoDB code. We'll touch upon design issues around logging, crash recovery, buffer pool management, MVCC, DDL synchronization etc.
This talk will be mostly about the core internals of InnoDB. Some basic knowledge of internals like redo logs, undo logs, read view (transaction isolation), purge and buffer pool management will be very helpful.


Lixun Peng

Lixun Peng (Alibaba Cloud)

Staff Database Engineer


Lixun works as a Staff Database Engineer for Alibaba Cloud, is a Senior Developer for the MariaDB Foundation, and have been an Oracle ACE Director for MySQL since 2013. Lixun is also Vice-President of the All China MySQL User Group (ACMUG), and have contributed numerous features and bugfixes to the MySQL/MariaDB community such as multi-source replication, thread memory monitoring, Flashback, etc. Lixun is also a co-translator of the Chinese version of the High Performance MySQL (3rd) and MariaDB Knowledge Base.

Inaam Rana

Inaam Rana (Alibaba Cloud)

Database Developer


Inaam Rana is part of PolarDB team at Alibaba. An active developer of InnoDB since 2007, Inaam had been a part of InnoDB team at Oracle and had also worked as MySQL internal engineer at Twitter. He has been mostly working on the buffer cache layer, low level concurrency, IO subsystem and logging/recovery. Over the years, Inaam has had a chance to contribute to many scalability related features in InnoDB plugin, MySQL-5.5, MySQL-5.6 and WebscaleSQL. Inaam currently lives in Toronto, Canada.


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