MySQL 8.0 Performance: Scalability and Benchmarks

Tuesday 1:20PM-2:10PM

@ Room B4&B5

MySQL / MariaDB

50 minutes conference


Business / Case Studies, Operations

This session will be interesting to everyone looking for the latest news about MySQL 8.0 performance:

- MySQL 8.0 is more and more close to GA now
- But what about MySQL 8.0 performance ? ;-)

The latest benchmark results obtained with MySQL 8.0 will be the center of the talk because every benchmark workload for MySQL is a "problem to resolve" and each resolved problem is a potential gain in your production!

Many important internal design changes are coming with MySQL 8.0:

- How to bring them in action most efficiently?
- What kind of trade-offs to expect, what is already good, and what is "not yet"?
- How well is MySQL 8.0 able to use the latest HW?
- Could you really speed-up your IO by deploying your data on the latest flash storage?

These and many other questions are answered during this talk, plus proven by benchmark results.



Dimitri KRAVTCHUK (MySQL/Oracle)

MySQL Performance Architect


Over 25 years in the IT industry, focused mainly on databases and systems performance, the last 7 years working full time on MySQL Performance at Oracle. Previously 15 years at the Sun Benchmark Center in Paris (now Oracle) working on performance and scalability optimizations of real customer's workloads, including various tender competitions. Previously at the Informix Benchmark Team in France. Author of the dim_STAT Performance Monitoring & Analyzing tool, and actively publishing MySQL Performance related articles at


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