Ghostferry: the Swiss Army Knife of Live Data Migrations with Minimum Downtime

Tuesday 4:50PM-5:15PM

@ Room G

MySQL / MariaDB

25 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

Existing tools like mysqldump and replication cannot migrate data between GTID-enabled MySQL and non-GTID-enabled MySQL -- a common configuration across multiple cloud providers that cannot be changed. These tools are also cumbersome to operate and error-prone, thus requiring a DBA's attention for each data migration. We introduced a tool that allows for easy migration of data between MySQL databases with constant downtime on the order of seconds.

Inspired by gh-ost, our tool is named Ghostferry and allows application developers at Shopify to migrate data without assistance from DBAs. It has been used to rebalance sharded data across databases. We plan to open source Ghostferry at the conference so that anyone can migrate their own data with minimal hassle and downtime. Since Ghostferry is written as a library, you can use it to build specialized data movers that move arbitrary subsets of data from one database to another.


Shuhao Wu

Shuhao Wu (Shopify Inc.)

Software Developer


Shuhao is a software developer working Shopify for the last 3 years. His current work include improving and automating many aspects the database infrastructure for the Datastores team. When not writing software, Shuhao's pursuing a Masters of Applied Science in mechanical engineering.


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