Databases Have Forgotten About Single Node Performance, A Wrongheaded Trade Off

Tuesday 2:20PM-3:10PM

@ Room M2

Open Source Databases

50 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

The earliest relational databases were monolithic on-premise systems that were powerful and full-featured. Fast forward to the Internet and NoSQL: BigTable, DynamoDB and Cassandra. These distributed systems were built to scale out for ballooning user bases and operations. As more and more companies vied to be the next Google, Amazon, or Facebook, they too "required" horizontal scalability.

But in a real way, NoSQL and even NewSQL have forgotten single node performance where scaling out isn't an option. And single node performance is important because it allows you to do more with much less. With a smaller footprint and simpler stack, overhead decreases and your application can still scale.

In this talk, we describe TimescaleDB's methods for single node performance. The nature of time-series workloads and how data is partitioned allows users to elastically scale up even on single machines, which provides operational ease and architectural simplicity, especially in cloud environments.


Matvey Arye

Matvey Arye (Timescale)

Core Database Engineer


Mat has been working on data infrastructure in both academia (Princeton, PhD) and industry. As one of TimescaleDB's core architects he works on performance, scalability, and query power. Previously, he attended Stuyvesant, The Cooper Union, and Princeton.


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