Containerizing Databases at New Relic: What We Learned

Tuesday 1:20PM-2:10PM

@ Room M1


50 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

An increasing number of stateless applications are being deployed in containers and managed by cluster schedulers. Until recently, stateful services like database have been overlooked by many container-based orchestration systems.

In this talk, Bryant and Joshua will discuss the trade-offs of containerizing databases and survey the current support for databases in open source projects like Kubernetes and Apache Mesos. They will also dive into the architecture and operational concerns addressed by the tools they built to deploy and manage MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis in Docker containers as part of the Database team at New Relic.


Joshua Galbraith

Joshua Galbraith (New Relic)

Senior Software Engineer


Joshua Galbraith is a Senior Software Engineer and Technical Product Manager on the Database Engineering team at New Relic. Previously, he co-founded a DBaaS startup offering a container-based Apache Cassandra platform.

Bryant Vinisky

Bryant Vinisky (New Relic)

Senior Site Reliability Engineer


Bryant Vinisky has over 8 years of professional engineering experience with Linux and the open source ecosystem, with much of that time concentrated on PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and related database technologies. Currently, Bryant is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer on the Database team at New Relic where he's spent the past two years focused on the reliability of the backend system that operates at significant scale. Over the past year, his time has been centered on the development and support of an internal platform for managing stateful containers that house PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.


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