ClickHouse in Real Life: Case Studies and Best Practices

Tuesday 4:50PM-5:15PM

@ Room M2

Open Source Databases

25 minutes conference


Developer, Business / Case Studies

ClickHouse is very fast and feature rich open source analytics DBMS with multi-petabyte scale. It gained a lot of attention over the last year, thanks to excellent results in benchmarks, conference talks and first successful projects.

After the initial wave of early adopters, the second wave is coming: many companies started to consider ClickHouse as their analytics backend. In this talk I'll review the state of ClickHouse worldwide adoption, share insights about business problems ClickHouse helps to solve efficiently, highlight possible implementation challenges and discuss best practices.


Alexander Zaitsev

Alexander Zaitsev (LifeStreet / Altinity)

Director of Engineering at LifeStreet


Alexander Zaitsev is a Director of Engineering at LifeStreet and co-founder of Altinity. He has been involved in software development, alongside academic research, since 1997. Alexander's interests include distributed architecture, databases and analytics. His focus is on building analytics solutions using database management systems capable of processing up to a petabyte of data, such as MySQL, Oracle, Vertica and ClickHouse. Alexander has a Master's degree in mathematics and computer science from Lomonosov Moscow State University.


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