Aurora PostgreSQL Deep Dive

Wednesday 12:50PM-1:40PM

@ Room G

Open Source Databases

50 minutes conference


Developer, Operations

In this session, we will dive deep into the unique features and changes that make up Aurora PostgreSQL -
including understanding the architectural differences that contribute to improved scalability, availability and durability. Some of the items that we will cover are the elimination of checkpointing, removal of the log buffer and the use of a 4/6 quroum to improved durability and availability while reducing jitter.

Other areas we will cover are improvements in vacuum and shared buffer cache as well some of our new features like Fast Clones and Performance Insight.

To finish off the session we will walk through the techniques available to migrate to Aurora PostgreSQL.


Grant McAlister

Grant McAlister (Amazon Web Services)

Senior Principal Engineer


Grant McAlister is a Senior Principal Engineer at Amazon Web Services where he works on RDS - Amazon's Relational Database Service, the service he help found 9 years ago. For the past 18 years Grant has been responsible for the performance, scalability and availability of Amazon's databases. Before joining in 1999, Grant worked as an Independent Database Consultant and as a Senior Principle Consultant for Oracle Corporation. A 1991 graduate of the University of Alberta, Grant has been working with database systems for the past 25 years.

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