Amazon Aurora MySQL and RDS MySQL: Lessons learned (Lightning Talk)

Monday 5:20PM

@ Demo Theater in the Exhibit Hall

Lightning Talk


Business / Case Studies

Determining the best and most suitable relational database management system (RDBMS) for a given project isn't an easy task and it can be rather challenging at times. It is like benchmarking fast cars created by different racing teams!
The presentation will compare, using a large body of experimental results, two highly-available cloud closed-source products, Amazon Aurora MySQL and RDS MySQL, both based on the Open Source MySQL Edition.
Both use cases have demonstrated that MySQL is a great
solution for concurrent writes, reads and read and write traffic.
Additionally, both scenarios have proven to be successful, satisfying data integrity, reliability and scalability with different outcomes.


Mariella Di Giacomo

Mariella Di Giacomo (ViaSat)

Database Engineer


Mariella Di Giacomo is a member of the Infrastructure Team at ViaSat. She is a Computer Science Professional, with a strong background in Large Scale Data Management Systems, Engineering, Project Management, Development and Implementation with a great passion for Databases. Her knowledge includes every aspect on them, from designing to teaching for small and very large scale environments. She has really enjoyed designing, building, maintaining, analyzing and delivering the right data with its wonderful stories to people in the most suitable fashion and style for them. She received her Laurea degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa, Italy.


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