Sessions Schedule - Tuesday 24 April 2018

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TimesMisc DB101 TrackMySQL - Using MySQLMongoDBCloudMySQL - Database SoftwarePostgresqlContainers & AutomationMisc DBMonitoring & Ops
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Make Your Database Dream of Electric Sheep: Designing for Autonomous OperationYour First Date with Percona XtraDB ClusterMySQL at Twitter: No More Forkin' - Migrating to MySQL Community versionHow to Scale MongoDBMigrating to Aurora and Monitoring with PMMWhat Are the Main New Key Features in MySQL 8.0 ?Brothers in Arms - How to Make MySQL and PostgreSQL Work TogetherRunning Database Services on DC/OSBuffering to Redis for Efficient Real-Time Processing
Quantum of Data (for Real-Time Analytics)Highly Available Database Architectures in AWSHow to Use JSON in MySQL WrongMongoDB 3.6 Features and Their BenefitsFortify Your MySQL Data Security in AWS Using ProxySQL FirewallMySQL 8.0 Performance: Scalability and BenchmarksQuery Optimizer - MySQL vs. PostgreSQLContainerizing Databases at New Relic: What We LearnedNo MySQL or MongoDB? No Problem! How to Extend PMM's Functionality to Monitor Other DBMSs
Combine the power of OSS DB engines and Microsoft Azure to migrate existing apps or build new appsMongoDB and MySQL: Which One Is a Better Fit for Me?MySQL at Scale at SquareMongoDB for a High Volume Logistics ApplicationWhat's New in Alibaba's X-DB SQL EnginePercona Server 8.0Tuning PostgreSQL for High-Write WorkloadsServerless Kubernetes Infrastructure Writing Data to a Percona DB: Overview and Simple DemonstrationDatabases Have Forgotten About Single Node Performance, A Wrongheaded Trade OffLarge-Scale Percona Monitoring and Management Installation
Coffee Break
Data Integrity at ScaleIndexes: Make Queries Go Faster!Consistent Reads Using ProxySQL and GTIDTime-Series Data in MongoDB on a BudgetHow Microsoft Built MySQL, PostgreSQL and MariaDB for the CloudMySQL 8.0: What's New in InnoDB ?Securing Your Data on PostgreSQLAutomatic Failovers with Kubernetes using Orchestrator, ProxySQL and ZookeeperClickHouse Deep DiveScaling a High-Traffic Database: Moving Tables Across Clusters
Accelerating MySQL with JIT CompilersYour First MongoDB Environment: What You Should Know Before Choosing MongoDB as Your DatabaseMySQL: How to Save Bandwidth External Authentication with Percona Server for MongoDB and MongoDB EnterpriseGhostferry: A Data Migration Tool for Incompatible Cloud PlatformsMySQL 8.0: What is New in Optimizer and Executor?Monitoring PostgreSQL with PMM (Percona Monitoring and Management)Benchmark Noise Reduction: How to Configure Your Machines for Stable ResultsClickHouse in Real Life: Case Studies and Best Practicesmetrictank: Building a New Time Series Engine for GrafanaCloud
Orchestrator on Raft: Internals, Benefits and ConsiderationsMongoDB Cluster Topology, Management and OptimizationAmazon Aurora MySQL and RDS MySQL: Lessons LearnedHow We Managed to Scale Percona XtraDB Cluster (Up to 10x)What's New in PostgreSQL?Mesosphere and Percona Server for MongoDBCassandra on RocksDBTop Five MySQL Query Tuning Tips

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