MariaDB Sessions

Wednesday 11:00AM-11:50AM

@ Room 203

Vicentiu Ciorbaru - MariaDB Foundation, Sergei Petrunia - MariaDB Corporation

This talk will go through the set of optimizations available to MariaDB's query optimizer in 10.3.

We will also compare MariaDB's optimizer and special querying capabilities with that of other MySQL branches as well as other databases, to provide a broad overview of each solution's strengths and weaknesses, when it comes to regular OLTP as well as Analytical queries.

MariaDB Foundation
 Experience: Intermediate

Wednesday 12:50PM-1:40PM

@ Room 203

Vicentiu Ciorbaru - MariaDB Foundation

MariaDB 10.3 is rapidly approaching GA status. This talk will go through all new features coming in MariaDB 10.3. Highlights are:
* Oracle Compatibility Layer
* System Versioned Tables
* Custom Aggregate Functions
 Experience: Beginner

Wednesday 1:50PM-2:40PM

@ Room 203

Benny Vasquez - cPanel Inc.

MariaDB has made it easy to switch from MySQL to MariaDB by aiming to be a drop-in replacement. MySQL doesn't make switching back nearly as easy, however. This talk will walk you through the basics of moving from MariaDB to MySQL and back, the best practices, and the problems you will encounter along the way.

MySQL / MariaDB
 Experience: Intermediate
Developer, Operations

Wednesday 3:00PM-3:50PM

@ Room 203

Colin Charles - Percona

With MySQL 8, security models have changed (and they have been getting better since 5.6 & 5.7). This means there is diversion with MariaDB Server 10.0 and greater (being a fork). The bonus is that Percona Server for MySQL is quite close to MySQL (being a branch), but there are also security enhancements that one could benefit from. Come learn about them in this quick overview.

Some topics covered, but not limited to:
- Using TLS/SSL for connections
- Using TLS/SSL with MySQL replication
- Using external authentication plugins (LDAP, PAM, Kerberos)
- Encrypting your data at rest
- Monitoring your database with the audit plugins
- Roles

 Experience: Intermediate
Developer, Operations

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