It's a wrap!
The Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2017 is complete! Thank you to all who attended and participated. A big thank you especially goes out to our Diamond Plus sponsors VividCortex and Continuent, along with all our other sponsors who made this show possible. In addition, a big shout out goes to the 300+ speakers who came to share their in-depth knowledge with the community!

The Percona Live Data Performance Conference is the premier open source event for the data performance ecosystem. It is the place to be for the open source community as well as businesses that thrive in the MySQL, NoSQL, cloud, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) marketplaces. Attendees include DBAs, sysadmins, developers, architects, CTOs, CEOs, and vendors from around the world.

April 24-27, 2017
Santa Clara, California

Tutorials Schedule - Monday 24 April 2017

MySQL 101: Operational DBA in a Nutshell
Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Tom De Cooman

Percona XtraDB Cluster Tutorial
Matthew Boehm, Krunal Bauskar

MySQL InnoDB Cluster and Group Replication in a Nutshell: Hands-On Tutorial
Frédéric Descamps, Matthew Lord, Kenny Gryp

Best Practices for MySQL High Availability in 2017
Colin Charles

How to Analyze and Tune MySQL Queries for Better Performance
Øystein Grøvlen

MySQL Performance Schema in Action
Sveta Smirnova, Alexander Rubin

MongoDB Operations and Troubleshooting
David Murphy, Kim Wilkins

MySQL document store: SQL and NoSQL united
Giuseppe Maxia

MyRocks Deep Dive
Yoshinori Matsunobu

Deep Dive on Achieving High Performance and Scale with Redis
Roshan Kumar, Adi Foulger

ProxySQL Tutorial
Derek Downey, René Cannaò, David Turner

MySQL 8.0 Optimizer Guide
Morgan Tocker

InnoDB Architecture and Performance Optimization
Peter Zaitsev

MongoDB – Sharded Cluster Tutorial
Antonios Giannopoulos, Jason Terpko

Monitoring MySQL Performance with Percona Monitoring and Management
Roma Novikov, Michael Coburn

Getting Started with Elasticsearch
Tal Levy

MongoDB 101: What NoSQL is All About
Barrett Chambers, Rick Golba, Jon Tobin

Schedule Day 1 - Tuesday 25 April 2017

Percona Welcoming Keynote
Peter Zaitsev

Continuent is back! But what does Continuent do Anyway?
MC Brown, Eero Teerikorpi

Open Source Database Ecosystem
Peter Zaitsev, Colin Charles, Dmitry Andreev, Justin Teller, Tal Levy, Björn Rabenstein, Paul Dix, Michael J. Freedman

SQLite: The Most Important Software Component That Many People Have Never Heard Of
Richard Hipp

Performance Schema for MySQL Troubleshooting
Sveta Smirnova

B-Trees, Fractal Trees, Heaps and Log Structured Merge Trees, Where did they all come from and Why?
John Schulz

MySQL 8.0: Major new features
Geir Høydalsvik

Use ProxySQL to Improve Your MySQL High Availability Solution
Marco "The Grinch" Tusa

MySQL Monitoring with Percona Monitoring and Management
Peter Zaitsev

One System to Fit Them All: Shared MySQL Hosting at Facebook
Andrew Regner

Become a MongoDB DBA: monitoring essentials
Art van Scheppingen

Hipster MySQL Monitoring: Serving a deconstructed PMM
Ben Mildren

Think Your Postgres Backups and Disaster Recovery Are Safe? Let's Talk.
Payal Singh

What is Apache Kafka? How is it similar to the databases you know and love, and how it's not.
Kenny Gorman

Schema best practices / high performance SQL
Michael Benshoof

The Database Designer's Modern-Day Cookbook
Preetam Jinka

Indexes - what you need to know to get the most out of them
Matthew Boehm

Caching your application data with MySQL and TokuDB
Andrea Ponzo, Rick Pizzi

MySQL 8.0: What is New in the Optimizer?
Manyi Lu

Practical orchestrator
Shlomi Noach

Securing your MySQL/MariaDB data
Hank Eskin, Ronald Bradford, Colin Charles

Scale read workload by sharing data files of InnoDB
Zhai Weixiang

How Sitecore depends on MongoDB for scalability and performance, and what it can teach you
Antonios Giannopoulos, Grant Killian

Accelerate MySQL® for Demanding OLAP and OLTP Use Cases with Apache® Ignite™
Denis Magda, Peter Zaitsev

Demystifying Postgres Logical Replication
Emanuel Calvo

ClickHouse: High-Performance Distributed DBMS for Analytics
Alexey Milovidov, Victor Tarnavsky

Best Practices for MySQL Performance & Troubleshooting with the aid of Percona Monitoring and Management
Roma Novikov, Michael Coburn

Bootstrapping a New Datacenter Made Easy
Matt Ullmer

Choosing a MySQL High Availability Solution
Marcos Albe

Capacity Planning for the Lazy
Ryan Lowe, John Cesario

ZFS on Linux at Salesforce. A real world example of why Pardot, a Salesforce company, trusts and uses ZoL with their production MySQL servers
David Peterson

MySQL 8.0: what's new in InnoDB
Sunny Bains

gh-ost: triggerless, painless, trusted online schema migrations
Jonah Berquist

Bash One-Liners and Other Tools to Simplify MySQL Ops at Scale
Brian Cain

Flashback - Rolling back a MySQL/MariaDB instance, database or table to a previous snapshot
Lixun Peng

Common Table Expressions & Window Functions
Øystein Grøvlen

Managing and analyzing time series data using Warp 10
Mathias Herberts

Designing your SaaS Database for Scale with Postgres
Ozgun Erdogan, Lukas Fittl

MySQL and Impala as SQL friendly lambda architecture
Lukas Svoboda, Michal Kuchta

Deploying MySQL in production
Daniel Kowalewski

Demystifying Benchmarks: How to Use Them To Better Evaluate Databases
Peter Friedenbach

Learning MySQL 5.7
Jervin Real

Load Data Fast!
Bill Karwin

Protecting MySQL network traffic
Daniël van Eeden

The New MySQL Replication Features in MySQL 8
Luis Soares

If only I could find my databases - Service Discovery with Smartstack and MySQL
Susanne Lehmann

MongoDB Enterprise features: Open source availability and unavailability
David Murphy

Stored Procedures are Good Enough
Nikolay Samokhvalov

Just-Right Consistency: Closing The CAP Gap
Christopher Meiklejohn

Why Percona Server 5.7
Laurynas Biveinis

Real-time Data Loading from MySQL and Oracle into Analytics/Big Data
MC Brown

Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 with ProxySQL for your high availability and clustering needs
Ramesh Sivaraman, Krunal Bauskar

Advance Sharding Solution with ProxySQL
Marco "The Grinch" Tusa

An update on MyRocks
Mark Callaghan

A quick tour of MySQL 8.0 roles
Giuseppe Maxia

On Building Alibaba's Public Cloud Database Service for PostgreSQL and MySQL
Guangzhou Zhang

Logs (and how they hurt you)
Charity Majors

WiredTiger configuration variables - Looking under the hood
Antonios Giannopoulos

MongoDB 3.4: Whats New and Changed
David Murphy

A PostgreSQL Response to Uber
Christophe Pettus

Inserting 1 million metrics per second into KairosDB
Brian Hawkins

MySQL Storage Engines - which do you use? TokuDB? MyRocks? InnoDB?
Sveta Smirnova

Turbocharge your SQL queries in-memory with Apache® Ignite™
Denis Magda

Reducing Human Error while Failing Forward Fast
Amanda MacDonald, Martin Arrieta

MyRocks Engineering: deploying a new MySQL storage engine to production at Facebook
Herman Lee

MySQL 8.0: Security
Mike Frank, Georgi Kodinov

SmyteDB: Poor Man's Distributed Database Built with Kafka and RocksDB
Yunjing Xu

How VividCortex's MySQL-Based Time Series Database Works
Baron Schwartz

Honeycomb: Under the Hood
Christine Yen

MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline
Jason Terpko

PostgreSQL + ZFS: Best Practices and Standard Procedures
Sean Chittenden

Scaling your time series data with Newts
Jesse White

Autopsy of an automation disaster
Simon Mudd

Security and Encryption in the MySQL world
Dimitri Vanoverbeke

Schedule Day 2 - Wednesday 26 April 2017

The Open Source Database Business Model is Under Siege
Paul Dix

Keynote Panel (Percona, VividCortex, Continuent)
Richard Hipp, Baron Schwartz, MC Brown, Peter Zaitsev

MySQL 8.0: Powering the next generation of Web, SaaS, Cloud
Tomas Ulin

The Future Of Monitoring Is Distributed
Baron Schwartz

Replication latest features: the community sceptic roundup
Giuseppe Maxia

Cookbook for Creating INDEXes -- All about Indexing
Rick James

Meet Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7
Krunal Bauskar

MySQL Load Balancers - MaxScale, ProxySQL, HAProxy, MySQL Router & nginx - a close up look
Krzysztof Książek

MariaDB Server 10.2: The Complete Guide
Colin Charles

AWS Glue – A Fully Managed ETL Service
Mehul Shah

Exploring the replication and sharding in MongoDB
Igor Donchovski

MySQL 5.7, 8.0 and MongoDB: Geospatial Introduction
Alexander Rubin, Michael Benshoof

MySQL 5.7, 8.0 and MongoDB: Geospatial Introduction EVCache: Lowering Costs for a Low-Latency Cache with RocksDB
Scott Mansfield

Time series collection and processing in the cloud: integrating OpenTSDB with Google Cloud Bigtable
Zburivsky Danil, Christos Soulios

MongoDB Shell a Primer
Rick Golba

ProxySQL Use Case Scenarios
Alkin Tezuysal, René Cannaò

Efficient CRUD queries in MongoDB
Adamo Tonete

Automatic MySQL schema management with Skeema
Evan Elias

Reducing Risk Before Upgrading MySQL
Kenny Gryp, Tom De Cooman

Galera Cluster Data Consistency
Seppo Jaakola

Vitess beyond YouTube
Robert Navarro, Sugu Sougoumarane

MySQL/MariaDB Parallel Replication: inventory, use cases and limitations
Jean-François Gagné

Amazon Aurora: A deep-dive into what's new
Sailesh Krishnamurthy

PostgreSQL to MySQL: A DBA Perspective
Patrick King

Redis + MongoDB: Redis with JSON Data
Cihan Biyikoglu

Vinyl: why we wrote our own write-optimized storage engine rather than chose RocksDB
Konstantin Osipov

OpenTSDB - Time Series Schema on Schemaless NoSQL
Chris Larsen

MongoDB and MySQL: JSON, Document Store Perspectives
Alexander Rubin

Multi-Site, Multi-Master Done Right
Matthew Lang

MongoDB Index Types, How, When and Where Should They be Used?
Adamo Tonete

MySQL GTID Implementation, Maintenance, and Best Practices - The Short Version
Mark Filipi, Brian Cain

Optimizing MySQL without SQL or touching my.cnf
Maxim Bublis, Peter Boros

MyRocks: best practice at Alibaba
Jiayi Wang, Dengcheng He

Rolling out a Database-as-a-Service layer at Ghent University
Matthias Crauwels

Common Table Expressions and Window Functions simple, maintainable, fast queries
Vicentiu-Marian Ciorbaru

How innovation happens on Amazon Redshift
Eric Ferreira

ToroDB Stampede: open-source BI connector for MongoDB
Álvaro Hernández

Deploying mongodb on public clouds: Architecture and options
Dharshan Rangegowda

Six New Important RocksDB Features And Planned Works
Siying Dong

Building a scalable time-series database on PostgreSQL
Michael J. Freedman

Understanding all the Options for Replica-sets and Replication Patterns
Bimal Kharel

Database Stalls, From the Ordinary to the Obscure
Preetam Jinka

Edgestore Multi-tenancy & Isolation
Bogdan Munteanu

Lock, Stock and Backup: Data Guaranteed
Jervin Real, Andrew Moore

MySQL on Ceph using Rados
Yves Trudeau

High Availability in GCE
Allan Mason, Carmen Mason

Histograms in MySQL and MariaDB
Sergei Petrunia

Automating database migration - Amazon DMS
Eran Schitzer

Multi Active-Active and disaster recovery with MongoDB database center
Xixuan Xixuan

Automating high availability MongoDB cluster deployment and management
Jonathan Rudenberg

Google Cloud Spanner
Sami Zuhuruddin

InfluxDB storage engine internals
Paul Dix

MongoDB Engines: Demystified
Sveta Smirnova

MySQL (NDB) Cluster Best Practices (Die Hard VIII)
Johan Andersson

When and How Should you Shard?
David Murphy

Operationalizing 19 years of infrastructure via MySQL-as-a-Service
Nathan Northcutt

ClickHouse as Time-Series Storage for Graphite
Dmitry Andreev

PhxSQL: a high-availability and strong-consistency MySQL cluster Ming Chen MongoDB in AWS (MongoDB as a DBaaS)
Jing Wu, Zhang Lu

Using SPIDER for sharding in production
Kentoku SHIBA, Kayoko GOTO

Database management made simple - Amazon RDS (Part 1)
Darin Briskman

Comparing MongoRocks, WiredTiger and mmapv1 for performance and efficiency
Mark Callaghan

Do's and Dont's of the modern hybrid mongoDB MySQL environment
Rick Vasquez, Jonathan Wage

RocksDB for the Cloud
Dhruba Borthakur

Introducing ScaleDB, the New Clustered, Distributed Storage Engine for MySQL (Part 1)
Ivan Zoratti

Percona Server for MongoDB: Features Overview
Jon Tobin

Performance Analysis of NVMe SSDs and their Implication on Real World Databases
Qiumin Xu

sysbench 1.0: teaching old dog new tricks
Alexey Kopytov

MySQL Disk Encryption with LUKS
Matthew Boehm

Experiences using gh-ost in a multi-tier topology
Valerie Parham-Thompson, Ivan Groenewold

How to Build a State Machine on MongoDB and Redis
Niki Castle

MyFlashSQL: Flash is more than faster-harddisk
Sang-Won Lee

Database management made simple - Amazon RDS (Part 2)
Darin Briskman

Current state of MongoDB Backup options
David Murphy

MongoDB size management
Steven Wang

Reusable Distributed Data Infrastructure with Dynomite
Ioannis Papapanagiotou

Introducing ScaleDB, the New Clustered, Distributed Storage Engine for MySQL (Part 2)
Ivan Zoratti

MongoDB Security: Making Things Secure by Default
Adamo Tonete

How to improve performance of MySQL even with Handler Socket by 6-7 times through replication to the in-memory database Tarantool
Alexander Yakovlev

Schedule Day 3 - Thursday 27 April 2017

Spinaltap: Airbnb’s Change Data Capture System
Xinyao Hu

How Percona Contributes to the Open Source Database Ecosystem
Peter Zaitsev

Monitoring without looking at MySQL
Jean-François Gagné

AliSQL: breakthrough for the future
Wei Hu, Dengcheng He

Yahoo Case Study: MySQL Xtrabackup and its Recovery Scenario
Yngve Eriksson, Kushal Shah, Stacy Yuan

MySQL 8.0: Data Dictionary : An Internal Server Component that really matters
Ståle Deraas

Lessons learned while automating MySQL deployments in the AWS Cloud
Stephane Combaudon

MariaRocks: MyRocks in MariaDB
Sergei Petrunia

Inexpensive Datamasking for MySQL with ProxySQL - data anonymization for developers
Frédéric Descamps, René Cannaò

Neo4J at Square
Ryan Lowe, John Cesario

Metrics Collection, Storage & Visualization at Scale
Alex Coomans, Dan Ni

Bill centralizes logs. Be more like Bill. A journey with Bill and his Elasticsearch Cluster
Andrew Moore

Living in Multiple Clouds with Apache Cassandra
Patrick McFadin

MySQL Parallel Replication (LOGICAL_CLOCK): all the 5.7 (and some of the 8.0) details
Jean-François Gagné

Percona Server: Key Performance Algorithms
Laurynas Biveinis

Large scale automation for lazy engineers
Peter Boros, Károly Nagy

Recursive Query Throwdown in MySQL 8
Bill Karwin

Automating Schema Changes using gh-ost
Tom Krouper

How Avoids and Deals with MySQL/MariaDB Replication Lag
Eric Herman

Linux IO internals for database administrators
Ilya Kosmodemiansky

Running MongoDB with containers in Kubernetes with only a little hacking
Sandeep Dinesh

TiDB: A NewSQL database that is compatible with MySQL
Max Liu, Ed Huang

Shine Light On Creepers in Your MySQL Garden
Andrew Moore, Jeremy Glick

AgensGraph: a Multi-model Graph Database for the Modern Connected Data Environment
Kisung Kim

Get to know Google Cloud SQL
Brett Hesterberg

TokuDB vs RocksDB
Vladislav Lesin, George Lorch

Understanding the queues your query waits in Josh Snyder MySQL 8.0 Performance: Scalability & Benchmarks

Database Open Source @ Box: The Pros, Pitfalls, and Perils of Managing an Open Source Project
Troy Karraker, Aleksandr Kuzminsky

Migrating from MariaDB to Percona Server: an e-commerce webstory
Toshaan Bharvani

Everything You Need to Know About MySQL Group Replication
Nuno Carvalho, Luis Soares

Hawkular Metrics - Overview Stefan Negrea Placing Databases @ Uber
Casper Kejlberg-Rasmussen

Life of a PromQL query
Björn Rabenstein

Barefoot From MySQL to Cassandra and Back, and Where to Stub Your Toes
Solomon Chang

Does Your Performance Tuning Need a 12-step Program?
Janis Griffin

What the heck is time-series data (and why do I need a time-series database)?
Ajay Kulkarni

Practical JSON in MySQL 5.7 and beyond
Ike Walker

Spread the Database Love with Heterogeneous Replication
MC Brown

Rick's RoTs (Rules of Thumb)
Rick James

Online schema changes for maximizing uptime
Ben Black, David Turner

Percona XtraDB Cluster, Galera Cluster, MySQL Group Replication
Kenny Gryp, Ramesh Sivaraman

Using the MySQL Document Store
Mike Zinner, Alfredo Kojima

SQLite: SQL for the Internet of Things
Richard Hipp

Data Integrity in Stateful Services
Laine Campbell

Beringei: Facebook's Open Source, In-Memory Time Series Database (TSDB)
Justin Teller

Running Cassandra on Apache Mesos across multiple datacenters at Uber
Karthik Gandhi

Monitoring production environment with Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM)
Alawi Assaggaf