Germany’s No. 3 Web Destination Achieves Greater Availability and Uptime, Lower TCO

PLEASANTON, California – September 18, 2012Percona LLC, the company that makes MySQL faster and more reliable, today announced that GmbH, Germany’s No. 3 web destination, has moved its production systems onto Percona XtraDB Cluster to improve availability and uptime while lowering its total cost of ownership (TCO). is a Q&A platform built with user-generated content. The company’s primary customers include users asking and answering questions, users searching existing answers, and advertisers. The heavily used platform currently has approximately 18 million unique visitors, 80 million visits, and 140 million page views per month, according to rankings.

To serve these customers, the company relies on four Percona XtraDB Cluster instances with multiple solid state devices (SSDs) and CPUs to handle the database load. Approximately 95 percent of the database load is “read” load. With its previous cluster technology, used a proprietary MySQL database version with Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL (MMM) to manage high availability, including master failover. However, this configuration caused more problems than it solved, including random master flapping and database inconsistencies.

Since deploying Percona XtraDB Cluster in June of 2012, has eliminated these issues, deploying a newer version (5.5 versus 5.1) of MySQL, while achieving higher availability and uptime. At the same time, the company is obtaining a far greater return on its investment. In fact, its previous cluster technology would have had to handle ten times the load of Percona XtraDB Cluster to equal the TCO of the Percona solution.


Frederik Kraus, Executive Engineer Backend & Operations at

“We had been using Percona XtraDB Cluster on some of our smaller Web properties since its first beta release to get a feeling for reliability and performance. Based on our prior experience, we were very confident when we deployed it in our production systems. Due to the technical superiority of Percona XtraDB Cluster, we have dramatically lowered our total cost of ownership by a factor of about 10.”

Vadim Tkachenko, Co-founder and CTO for Percona LLC

“Some solutions force you to choose: you can get product maturity or you can get low cost. But as has found, Percona XtraDB Cluster delivers the necessary features, availability, and reliability for running mission-critical systems while still delivering on the economic promise of open source. We have been very excited to see the interest and enthusiasm Percona XtraDB Cluster has received from the open source community in the form of downloads, positive comments, and attendance at webinars and speaking engagements about the solution.”

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