Thanks to our customers and community for 10 years of supporting us as the unbiased champions of open source database solutions!

We invite you to help us celebrate! We’re collecting quotes, stories, photos, videos and best wishes from our first 10 years. If you have something to share, please send it to Percona 10th. We’ll be assembling and sharing the responses later this year.

Here’s to optimizing database performance for 10 more!

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10th Anniversary Percona

“Percona is the backbone to a lot of Wellcentive's success. They are a core component of everything we are trying to do, and they are the absolute perfect fit to Wellcentive's vision for the future. We use the entire toolset from Percona and depend on their monitoring, troubleshooting, and their knowledge to help us achieve our goals. One of the most amazing things about Percona is the fact that working or speaking with them is not like speaking with a contractor, co-worker or stranger...the best way to describe the interaction is like speaking with family. Percona is a truly unique partner and one that we at Wellcentive cherish.”

Mitch Parsons, Database Engineer at Wellcentive

“The product and the level of services of the Percona team really inspires. I wonder how they manage to sustain this level of professionalism for so many years. When it comes to development of global-scale services, this is what the partner should be like. We thank Percona for being the company we can always rely on.”

Daniil Bazhenov, Chief Technical Officer at Simtech Development, Ltd.

“Our customers and their chosen transportation companies require instant access to up-to-the minute data. We can’t have database servers down, or running at low performance levels. As our business scales, our database performance must also scale. Percona ensures that it does.”

Daryl Peeters, Transsmart

“Because of its reliability we’ve been using Percona Server in our projects for more than 5 years. Meeting Perconians at conferences is also a great pleasure. They are always open for discussions on Percona products. These interactions help us get a clearer understanding of the product and thus we can work with Percona Server more efficiently and save money to our customers.”

Andrew Minkin, Team Lead,