Percona has unparalleled expertise in MySQL and MongoDB environments, and we trust Percona consultants to thoroughly review our environments, accurately assess our requirements and provide the knowledge, strategies, and optimizations we need.

Mykyta Hopkalo Chief Technology Officer, SocialTech

We are pleased to announce that SocialTech, a global IT product company focusing on the social discovery segment, has turned to Percona Consulting to ensure the performance and reliability of its MySQL and MongoDB infrastructures. SocialTech will also take advantage of Percona Consulting’s architecture and design services to optimize long-term performance and scalability.

SocialTech provides mobile and desktop communication platforms for the social discovery segment, as well as mobile applications for Android and iOS. SocialTech works primarily in Tier 1 markets in the U.S. and Western Europe, providing users with access to international communication. The company is using a MongoDB sharded cluster and Percona Server for MySQL master-slave environments to host its messaging and communications platform. SocialTech partnered with Percona to determine the best performance, optimization, and deployment strategies, and the company engaged Percona to review the current Percona Server for MySQL and MongoDB environments to ensure proper on-going maintenance.

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We look forward to working in partnership with Percona to ensure our infrastructure will support our long-term growth.