Business Challenge

Who is Taboola?

Powered by Deep Learning, AI, and a large dataset, Taboola’s discovery platform creates new monetization, audience and engagement opportunities for digital properties, including publishers, mobile carriers and handset manufacturers. Advertisers use Taboola to reach target audiences when they’re most receptive to new messages, products, and services. The company delivers over 450 billion recommendations per day to over a billion unique visitors each month.

The Challenge

As a big data company, Taboola relies on a huge and diverse data pipeline and a variety of industry-leading technologies. Percona Server for MySQL® sits at the heart of this infrastructure, serving as the company’s operational database. Nearly every business service accesses Percona Server for MySQL in one way or another.

The main Percona Server for MySQL instance is based on a scaled, distributed, waterfall topology that spans seven data centers around the world. The backend data center is located in Israel. The other six data centers serve end users.

Originally, the company relied on MySQL, but about seven years ago, as the company experienced rapid growth, it realized it needed MySQL support services for its backend infrastructure.

The Solution

Based on Percona’s reputation for unrivaled expertise and great service, Taboola contracted with Percona Support for MySQL. At that time, the company migrated from MySQL to Percona Server for MySQL. The company also began relying on Percona Consulting for a wide variety of tasks, including upgrades, configuration troubleshooting, and the implementation of ProxySQL.

Percona is special because it thinks beyond a single product or challenge. ProxySQL has provided us with tremendous benefits, and the close relationship between Percona Server for MySQL and ProxySQL has been instrumental in delivering the global performance and scalability we require.

Keren Bartal, Director of Data Engineering, Taboola

In addition to ensuring optimal database performance, Percona has helped Taboola create a higher-performing and more scalable infrastructure. For example, when Taboola was upgrading from Percona Server for MySQL 5.5 to 5.7, Percona recommended the company deploy ProxySQL to help with the migration. Through its mirroring capabilities, ProxySQL made the migration much easier. It has been instrumental in other ways as well. When Taboola experienced a performance challenge across its global environment, ProxySQL resolved the issue through connection multiplexing. ProxySQL is also being used for query routing, syntax validation, and workload isolation.

Technologies and Services Used

Percona Support

Percona Support provides a comprehensive, responsive and cost-effective database support subscription that helps companies guarantee application performance by making sure their database meets performance and uptime requirements. MySQL database expertise is part of Percona’s DNA, and Percona has been the premier MySQL services provider for over 13 years.

Percona Consulting

Percona consultants are trusted advisors with decades of experience solving complex database performance issues and design challenges across multi-vendor database environments. Consultants provide unbiased recommendations on the best solution for each environment to help businesses reach their specific objectives.

Percona Server for MySQL

Percona Server for MySQL is a free, fully compatible, enhanced and open source drop-in replacement for any MySQL database. It provides superior performance, scalability, and instrumentation, and is trusted by thousands of enterprises to provide better performance and concurrency for their most demanding workloads. It delivers greater value to MySQL server users with optimized performance, greater performance scalability and availability, enhanced backups and increased visibility.

Percona is a natural partner for us. The support team is always reachable, and engineers and product managers have made themselves available for a variety of projects we wanted to pursue. We’ve even done meetups together. This is a relationship we plan to maintain for a long time.