Passportal offers customers an industrial-strength, fully-managed, cloud-based SaaS solution that automates password protection and makes storing, managing and retrieving client documentation quick and easy.

Passportal’s customers depend on their data being available in order to run their businesses. They expect that this information will be available at all times, so database uptime is one of the most important components to Passportal’s success.

Percona provide Passportal value by:

  • Reducing Passportal’s AWS cloud operational and infrastructure costs as it scales to match growth
  • Reducing database deployment and issue resolution times using Percona Support
  • Providing a high availability backbone for achieving five “9s” uptime with Percona XtraDB Cluster

When it comes to our customers’ data security, ‘pretty good’ is not good enough. Security is a crucial component of our customers’ business, so it’s a crucial component of our business. Our service needs to be up and available at all times. We work hard to maintain a five ‘9s’ uptime for our Amazon Web Services (AWS) database environment. Percona’s MySQL Support and Percona XtraDB Cluster software in our deployment help us guarantee we are available when our customers need us.

Lance Bryant-Grigg Application Platform Manager at Passportal