Meu Patrocinio is an online dating service that connects men and women looking for an open and honest relationship with regards to goals and expectations.

Data is an extremely important part of Meu Patrocinio’s business: customer information must be tracked, their payment information processed, and (more importantly for their experience) the information and communications between parties must be managed, delivered and saved. If the database goes down, then Meu Patrocinio is down.

Meu Patrocinio leveraged Percona to:

  • Guarantee database performance in an AWS RDS environment
  • Maintain database uptime
  • Ensure an excellent user experience as they scale up their customer base

The online dating market is a competitive one. In order to stand out, you need to provide an excellent online experience, as well as limit customer-facing issues. Percona Consulting and Support allow us to guarantee that our applications provide our customers with the best experience. As our company and customers grow, Percona helps our AWS RDS environment grow to match demands.

Jennifer Lobo CEO, Meu Patrocinio