AGENT511 is a leading vendor of hosted, managed, multi-channel communication platforms for enterprise contact centers and text to 911. Its solutions combine intelligent message routing and notification supporting the most popular communication channels: SMS, MMS, email, voice, and social messaging.

The company delivers mission-critical applications to emergency service contact centers in large cities worldwide. It needs a solid, reliable database back-end, and AGENT511 reached out to Percona for assistance.

AGENT511 engaged Percona to:

  • Carry out a database architecture and design audit to develop an on-premises infrastructure.
  • Provide consulting assistance to help implement the recommendations in the audit.
  • Activated Percona Support to make sure that any issues with the database were quickly resolved for customers with a high level of service.

Our engagement with a large North American municipality for multi-channel community services required a functional and performant database back-end that had dependable availability and uptime as a prequisite. Percona Consulting helped us set up what was normally a cloud environment on-premise, and Percona Support makes sure that we have help troubleshooting any issues that come up.

Jay Malin Founder and Managing Director, AGENT511