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  Thursday, August 18, 2016    Jervin Real

Preventing downtime-causing emergencies in MySQL can be difficult because they are caused by complex combinations of several things going wrong. Efforts to be proactive may be sincere, but without knowledge of the causes of emergencies, they often fail to prevent further problems. This talk will discuss some of the ways that real emergencies could have been prevented in production systems, and suggests specific actions to accomplish these
  • Application Stack Configuration
  • MySQL Server Configuration
  • Operating System Configuration
  • Troublesome Server Features
  • Special Features of Percona Server
  • MySQL Health Checks
  • Percona Toolkit


About the Author

Jervin Real

As Senior Consultant, Jervin partners with Percona's customers on building reliable and highly performant MySQL infrastructures while also doing other fun stuff like watching cat videos on the internet. Jervin joined Percona in Apr 2010. Starting as a PHP programmer, Jervin quickly got involved with the LAMP stack. He has worked on several high-traffic sites and a number of specialized web applications; i.e., mobile content distribution. Before joining Percona, Jervin also worked with several hosting companies, providing care for customer hosted services and data on both Linux and Windows.