May 24, 2016
 Percona MongoDB Webinar
  David Murphy

Please join David Murphy as he presents “Understanding how your MongoDB® schemas affect scaling, and when to consider sharding for help”.

David will discuss the pros and cons of a few MongoDB schema design patterns on a stand-alone machine, and then will look at how sharding affects them. Next he’ll examine what assumptions you may make that could cause havoc on your cpu,memory, and network during a scatter gather.  He’ll help answer:

- Would you still use the same schema if you knew you were going to shard?
- Are your fetches using the same shard, or employing parallelism to boost performance?
- Are you following the golden rules of schema design?


About the Author

David Murphy

David joined Percona in October 2015 as Practice Manager for MongoDB. Prior to that, David joined the ObjectRocket by Rackspace team as the Lead DBA in Sept 2013. With the growth involved with a any recently acquired startup, David’s role covered a wide range from evangelism, research, run book development, knowledgebase design, consulting, technical account management, mentoring and much more. Prior to the world of MongoDB had been a MySQL and NoSQL architect at Electronic Arts working with some of the largest titles in the world like FIFA, SimCity, and Battle Field providing tuning, design, and technology choice responsibilities. David maintains an active interest in database speaking and exploring new technologies.