Aug 13, 2020
 Percona Tech Days
  Jobin Augustine

Jobin Augustine present "Understanding and Optimizing commit sychronization for maximum performance"

Durability by PostgreSQL is taken for granted. PostgreSQL allows it to be tweaked at different levels. A better understanding of the commit synchronization and how it interacts with standby databases can help to optimize the performance while achieving the desired durability.

-Interaction with OS
-Interaction with the Disk system
-Flush / Synch Options
-WAL Records
-Discussion about Remote write, flush and apply stages
-Parameters and Monitoring
-Synchronous standbys
-Performance considerations

About the Author

Jobin Augustine

I have been supporting various database systems for the last 17 years. I am an active member of the PostgreSQL community in India and participated as speaker and trainer in last pgConf India. I was working as an Architect in OpenSCG for the last couple of years which was taken over by Amazon recently. I was actively involved in the opensource project BigSQL-A PostgreSQL distribution to make PostgreSQL more developer friendly. I´m enthusiastic about joining this team and a great Open Source company.