Jun 25, 2019
 Percona Technical Webinar
  Aayushi Mangal

Transactions are a feature of RDBMS systems, but MongoDB is a document-oriented non-RDBMS database. It is widely known for its simplicity of importing data and the sharding of data across many servers. In MongoDB 4.0, a new feature multi-document Transaction has been introduced in a replicaSet environment and we will explore how an application uses MongoDB to adapt to this new feature. This webinar will also examine how a Transaction in MongoDB is achieved, and we will discuss other exciting news from the launch of MongoDB version 4.2.

About the Author

Aayushi Mangal

Aayushi Mangal is a Support Engineer with Percona. Previously, she worked as a NoSQL Database Administrator for the retail based MNC. Her experience includes work as a database developer, database administrator, and as a web designer. Living in India, Aayushi is fond of nature, sightseeing and peace.