May 30, 2019
 Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019
  Yves Trudeau

Are you struggling with too much data? Are your MySQL databases able to ingest the influx of new data? Are you considering an alternate database but modifying your application would be challenging? Are you able to query efficiently your data once ingested?

All those questions are raised more often as the trend of connected devices fully deploys. This talk focuses on large metrics-oriented datasets but the ideas presented apply to a wider audience. From experiences gathered as principal architect at Percona helping customers, I'll cover all the data life cycle phases, from the initial ingestion, the staging, compression, analysis, aggregation, and the final archival.

Real world examples and solutions will be given to quickly improve performances and lower costs.

About the Author

Yves Trudeau

Yves is a Principal Consultant at Percona, specializing in MySQL High-Availability and scaling solutions. Prior to joining Percona in 2009, he worked as a senior consultant for MySQL AB and Sun Microsystems, assisting customers across North America with NDB Cluster and Heartbeat/DRBD technologies. Yves holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics from Université de Sherbrooke. He lives in Québec, Canada with his wife and three daughters.