May 30, 2019
 Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019
  Kristofer Grahn

Multi-source replication is an awesome way to aggregate data for BI/Analytics,

But how to get all those 42 database instances (Total 8T) into one instance when keeping weeks of binlog is not an option ?

Comparing performance, ease of use, and load on source system for mysqldump and Xtrabackup/TT.

Special cases :
* 5.6 and Partitioned tables.
* Tables in mixed formats (Partitions created over time)


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Kristofer Grahn

Kristofer Grahn - Swiss-army knife Sysadmin and Dba. Started of as a Novell administrator working with Netware/Groupwise for Malmö university. Add Suse, Vmware and some Iscsi to the mix and you are ready to go Dba. Started @Verisure as a Linux Sysadmin and ended up caring for the the sharded Mysql databases and Cassandra cluster backing the platform.