May 30, 2019
 Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019
  Dong Wang, Heidi Wang, Van Pham

In this presentation, we'll cover the following areas:

- MySQL architecture and application eco system in Venmo
- Scalability challenges of MySQL for Venmo applications for Super Bowl peak traffic
- Short term scalability improvements for peak traffic, including horizontal and vertical scalability approaches.
- Long term directions to scale MySQL databases, including domain isolation, data sharding, and adapting MySQL database to support micro service applications.
- Case studies of MySQL performance tuning. Examples would include modifying application logic to eliminate database queries and working around optimizer bugs to handle multiple-table joins with order by limit clauses.

About the Authors

Dong Wang

Dong Wang is the chief database engineer at PayPal and is currently leading the MySQL initiatives at PayPal. Dong was originally trained as a molecular biologist with a Ph.D. in biochemistry. Dong has been working in the database management field for over 20 years, with broad experience at startups as well as large enterprises. Dong has been working with many database technologies including RDBMS and NoSQL. Dong has presented multiple times at industry and user conferences including IOUG Collaborate, Couchbase Connect, NCOUG.

Heidi Wang

Heidi is a Database Engineer at PayPal. She has been working with various RDBMS databases since 2000, primarily focusing on replication, performance and high availability for large scale OLTP implementations. She is passionate about learning new database technologies and finding elegant solutions to solve interesting and complex problems.

Van Pham

Van Pham is currently the lead database administrator at Venmo. Van has worked with databases since 1992, including several years at Quest Software, Glu Mobile and Warner Brothers Game Studio.