Jun 07, 2019
 Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019
  Jervin Real, Francisco Bordenave

With the amount of stored data growing quickly, analytics work has turned into a very intensive workload that will hit our MySQL servers in very hard way.

During the last few years we have seen a bunch of new engines designed to digest big portions of data and help with analytical queries. Now there is a new contender in the arena that claims to be MySQL Compatible, High Impact and Open Source Analytics.

During the course of this session we will go through each of these topics and try to answer:
- Compatible - how hard it is to take data out of MySQL and how much lag it may suffer on real workload?
- High Impact - near real time query response, low cost of entry high ROI?
- Open Source - open source only?

Moreover, we will compare the solution against some other popular products already in the market like ColumnStore, Cassandra, Clickhouse and we'll see how TiDB behaves in comparison.

About the Authors

Jervin Real

As Senior Consultant, Jervin partners with Percona's customers on building reliable and highly performant MySQL infrastructures while also doing other fun stuff like watching cat videos on the internet. Jervin joined Percona in Apr 2010. Starting as a PHP programmer, Jervin quickly got involved with the LAMP stack. He has worked on several high-traffic sites and a number of specialized web applications; i.e., mobile content distribution. Before joining Percona, Jervin also worked with several hosting companies, providing care for customer hosted services and data on both Linux and Windows.

Francisco Bordenave

Francisco has been working in MySQL since 2006, he has worked for several companies which includes Health Care industry to Gaming. Over the last 3 years he has been working as a Remote DBA consultant which help him to acquire a lot of technical and multi-cultural skills. He lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and during his free time he likes to play football, spent time with family and friends and cook.