Nov 07, 2018
 Percona Live Open Source Database Conference Europe 2018
  Michael Banck

PostgreSQL has seen increasing enterprise adoption over the last years. While it has always been considered a rock-solid and secure data base system, recent years brought native replication and partitioning, JSON support as well as increasing federation to other databases or data sources. Operational features like high availability, horizontal and vertical scalability or zero-downtime upgrades can be achieved natively and/or via external projects.

This talk will present the most important enterprise-related features currently implemented in PostgreSQL and provide examples on how use them. It will also discuss features or areas that could potentially hamper adoption.

About the Author

Michael Banck

Michael is a project manager and senior consultant at credativ GmbH, a vendor-neutral consulting and services company, which offers engineering and support for Open Source software in enterprise environments. He is also a Debian Developer since 2001 and active in other open source projects. As a member of the credativ database team, he has consulted and supported numerous customers over the years, both in daily operations and implementing solutions such as highly available databases.