May 29, 2019
 Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019
  Iwo Panowicz, Juan Pablo Arruti

There are few ways to take a backup. One of the most used tools is Percona Xtrabackup, MariaBackup, and MySQL Enterprise Backup.

In this talk, the audience will have an in-deep overview of:
- Differences between the tools
- Comparison of features
- Which tool work on which MySQL/MariaDB flavor
- Supported Storage Engines
- Limitations

About the Authors

Iwo Panowicz

Iwo is a Percona Support Engineer (EMEA) since August 2017. Prior to joining Percona Iwo was a System Administrator for more than 10 years with a focus on high availability, performance and automation. He also was helping many companies in designing infrastructure and ha/failover solutions.

Juan Pablo Arruti

Juan Pablo joined Percona in 2016 as a member of the Support Team. Before coming to Percona, he worked as DBA in several companies such as IBM, Turner and Oracle.