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  Jan 26, 2017
  Percona MySQL Webinar
   Jon Tobin

Overcoming the Challenges of Databases in the Cloud

Enterprises enjoy the flexibility and simplified operations of using the cloud, but applying those advantages to database workloads has proven challenging. Resource contention, cross-region failover, and elasticity at the data tier all introduce limitations. In addition, each cloud provider supports different services within their database offerings.

Please join Jon Tobin, Director of Solution Engineering at Percona, and Rob Masson, Solutions Architect Manager at ScaleArc, for a discussion about how to overcome these and other challenges. You’ll learn:

· The differences between IaaS and PaaS
· How AWS, Azure, and Google cloud stack up
· Tricks for managing smaller database instances
· Tips for achieving cross-region failover
· Best practices for hybrid deployments


Jon Tobin
Director of Solution Engineering
When not saving kittens from sequoias or helping the elderly across busy intersections, Jon Tobin is Percona's Director of Solutions Engineering. He has spent over 15 years in the IT industry. For the last 6 years, Jon has been helping innovative IT companies assess and address customer's business needs through well designed solutions.

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