Apr 24, 2019
 MongoDB Webinar
  Vinodh Krishnaswamy

In MongoDB, we know the Sharded Cluster can migrate chunks across the Shards and also route a query. But where is this information stored, and how is it used by MongoDB to maintain consistency across the Sharded Cluster?

In this webinar, we will look at the config database in detail as well as the related metadata.

Register and join us in taking a deep dive into the MongoDB config database.

About the Author

Vinodh Krishnaswamy

Vinodh Krishnaswamy is a member of Support Team! Prior to joining Percona, he worked as a MySQL and MongoDB DBA in companies such as iGate, Datavail, and Sify Ltd. He is a trainer and has provided training programs on MySQL and MongoDB. He enjoys writing Shell script and loves driving, reading books, and playing table tennis.