Mar 29, 2018
 Percona Technical Event
  Sveta Smirnova

When an application is hit with trouble in a live production environment, it is often difficult to:

Repeat a problematic scenario without the risk of making things worse
Find which query or sequence of actions caused the issue
Prepare a dataset to share with the support team that can be used to investigate your problem on their site
At the same time, it is not possible to solve troubles without understanding what caused them. This is why it is necessary to clearly understand what steps caused the issue. You need to have a repeatable test case or, at the very least, a clear understanding of when your application met the error.

In this webinar, I will:

Guide you through general steps that will help you to identify the issue
Cover testing methods that work best at the each step
Discuss how to minimize test cases so you are better prepared to provide information to your support team (or just to have it handy on your test server).

About the Author

Sveta Smirnova

Sveta joined Percona in 2015. Her main professional interests are problem solving, working with tricky issues, bugs, finding patterns which can solve typical issues quicker, teaching others how to deal with MySQL issues, bugs and gotchas effectively. Before joining Percona Sveta worked as Support Engineer in MySQL Bugs Analysis Support Group in MySQL AB-Sun-Oracle. She is author of book "MySQL Troubleshooting" and JSON UDF functions for MySQL.