Nov 07, 2018
 Percona Live Open Source Database Conference Europe 2018
  Alexander Zaitsev

ClickHouse is fast and scalable open source SQL DBMS from Yandex. In this talk, I will briefly review what's new in 2018, and concentrate on advice and case studies how ClickHouse can solve immediate problems without significant investments of time and resources. ClickHouse can handle petabytes of data, but it perfectly works for smaller projects, thanks to its performance and easy integration with MySQL, Logstash and other open source technologies.

About the Author

Alexander Zaitsev

Alexander is co-founder of Altinity. He has 20 years of engineering and engineering management experience in several international companies. Alexander is expert in high scale analytics systems design and implementation. He designed and deployed petabyte scale data warehouses, including one of earliest ClickHouse deployments outside of Yandex.