May 30, 2019
 Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2019
  Ståle Deraas

We will cover upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8.0 (8.0.15), going from legacy metadata storage to transactional data dictionary. We will cover the new possibilities for automation of upgrade, and the major advances in upgrade speed and reliability, as well as new consistency checks in the MySQL upgrade checker.

MySQL 8.0 has a pluggable error log. We will talk about the traditional error logger and the JSON error logger, which empowers users with advanced filtering.

About the Author

Ståle Deraas

Ståle Deraas has been working with MySQL Database team since 2008. He is currently employed by Oracle, based in Norway. He is Senior Software Development Manager for the runtime team of the MySQL Database. He has a background in the database industry, working for Sun Microsystems on Java DB, and prior to that on Software Development Tools. He has a B.Sc Hons degree in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow.