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  Wednesday, August 21, 2013    Ernest Souhrada

From the operating system to the application layer, potential security holes and data leaks exist at every turn, and it's not simply enough to close one or two of them and then hope for the best. A proper data security strategy involves both proper risk analysis and "defense in depth," and during this presentation we will examine both of these elements on multiple levels in a MySQL context. Topics to be covered include:

  • Basic security concepts
  • Security above the MySQL layer (network, hardware, OS, etc.)
  • Tips for application design
  • A more secure MySQL configuration
  • Security-related changes in MySQL 5.6

Attendees will leave this presentation knowing where to start when identifying vulnerability in their systems.

About the Author

Ernest Souhrada

Ernie joined Percona's consulting team in April 2012, where he is currently a Senior Architect, bringing many years of diverse experience as a generalist systems architect and engineer. He has held almost every technology role present in the Internet era, from Perl/Java developer to Linux sysadmin, MySQL DBA to Cisco network engineer, security auditor to IT engineering manager. He thrives on and excels at taking on those novel challenges which require creative cross-disciplinary solutions. Prior to joining Percona, Ernie was working heavily with deployment automation and designing infrastructure stacks driven by some of today's leading virtualization platforms. Ernie holds a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Political Science from Arizona State University.

How Percona Can Help

If you need help with or advice about MySQL Security, the Percona Consulting team can help you:

  • Review your system and help assess possible security issues
  • Keep you informed about critical security issues
  • Help harden your environment by fixing known issues and upgrading out-of-date software

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