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  Wednesday, November 20, 2013    Ryan Lowe

Sphinx provides a fast, scalable, and pluggable search framework that can integrate into a MySQL and/or application stack. The Sphinx engine possesses a variety of tools enabling you to customize how searching/indexing interacts with or becomes a part of your environment.

Join Percona Principal Consultant Ryan Lowe and Sphinx Search CEO and CTO Andrew Aksyonoff as they discuss how to get started with Sphinx and seamlessly integrate it into your applications and MySQL. Attendees of this webinar will also get an understanding of tuning and optimization basics, tips for high availability, and how Sphinx scales.

About the Author

Ryan Lowe

Ryan worked for a variety of companies, including several startups, and he has a background in many different database technologies. He has extensive experience as a developer, DBA, manager, and consultant. In addition, he has worked in a broad range of industries across the globe, including health care, telecommunications, social networking, and defense. His specialties include full-stack performance optimization, scaling, and high availability.

How Percona Can Help

Percona Consulting can help your organization:

  • Optimize your current Sphinx setup and environment
  • Setup and evaluate Sphinx for use within your environment
  • Migrate your current solution to a Sphinx solution

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