Thursday, September 12, 2013

Join us September 12, 2013 for Percona University in Washington, DC. This full-day event will provide you with deep insights into MySQL as well as an opportunity to network with the local MySQL community. The practical knowledge you'll receive will help you be more successful in tackling your own MySQL challenges.

The daylong event will be held at Equality Center which is located at 1640 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest, #100, Washington DC, USA.

Washington DC
Equality Center
1640 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest, #100
38.906294, -77.038124


Continuent is a leading provider of database-as-a-service solutions for MySQL and Oracle. Continuent Tungsten allows enterprises running business-critical MySQL applications to affordably achieve business and revenue continuity through Tungsten's commercial-grade high availability (HA) and globally redundant disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. Continuent Tungsten makes it simple to create new data services (database-as-a-service) in the cloud or in your private datacenter, and to manage them all from a single point.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013