It's a wrap! We had over 500 attendees and rave reviews. Thank you for making OpenStack Live possible!

OpenStack Live 2015 is a unique opportunity to learn key considerations for cloud strategies, how to improve overall performance, and operational best practices for managing OpenStack and maximizing the MySQL core. Run in parallel with the Percona Live MySQL Conference, OpenStack Live 2015 will include sessions presented by OpenStack community members. An optional day of tutorials will focus on making OpenStack users more productive and confident in this emerging technology.

Because this event is part of the Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo 2015, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from MySQL experts on topics such as High Availability, security, and more to support the management of their OpenStack infrastructures.

April 13-14, 2015
OpenStack Live 2015 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara & The Santa Clara Convention Center, at 5101 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA 95054.

Tutorials Schedule - Monday, April 13 2015

Sessions Schedule - Tuesday, April 14 2015

Percona Opening Keynote
Peter Zaitsev    

Polyglot Persistence @ Facebook
Harrison Fisk    
Keynote Panel: The next disruptive technology: “What comes after the Cloud and Big Data?"
Kenneth Hui, Kenny Gorman, Michael Coburn, Peter Zaitsev, Ritesh Chhajer, Robert Hodges, Thomas Hazel    
Woz on your mind?
Steve Wozniak

Lightweight OpenStack Benchmarking Service with Rally and Docker
Swapnil Kulkarni    
MySQL and Openstack deep dive
Peter Boros    
An introduction to Database as a Service with an emphasis on OpenStack using Trove
Matt Griffin, Amrith Kumar    
Case Studies in Webscale IT with OpenStack and MidoNet
Adam Johnson, Shacolby Jackson    

Deploying a OpenStack Cloud at Scale at Time Warner Cable
Matthew Fischer, Clayton O'Neill    
A closer look at Ceph's performance
Zoltan Arnold Nagy, Mark Korondi    
Trove in the Real World - Adventures in Running Production Workloads on Upstream Code
Nikhil Manchanda, Andrew Conrad    
Leveraging OpenStack Cinder for Peak Application Performance
Steven Walchek, Chris Merz, Amrith Kumar    

Replication and Clustering with OpenStack Trove
Amrith Kumar, George Lorch    
MongoDB Profiler Deep Dive
Kenny Gorman    
OpenStack at MiMedia: Scalable consumer media
Michael Yoon    
Extending MySQL for High-Velocity Time-Series Data
Moshe Shadmon    
Designing a highly resilient Network Infrastructure for OpenStack Clouds
Pere Monclus    
So, you want to contribute to OpenStack...
George Lorch    
Show me the services! (Leveraging OpenStack PaaS services from Cloud Foundry apps)
Andrew Conrad, Vipul Sabhaya, Nikhil Manchanda    
Using OpenStack to Build Your Next Generation Cloud
Kenneth Hui    

Identifying major sources of variance in a traditional DBMS: A Case for Predictable Databases
Barzan Mozafari    
RDO Community
Alvaro Lopez Ortega    
Monasca: Monitoring as a Service (at Scale)
Roland Hochmuth, Deklan Dieterly, Craig Bryant