Discover the Power of MySQL
It's a wrap!

We had nearly 300 attendees and great reviews from the attendees. Thank you for making the Percona Live New York MySQL Conference 2012 a great community event. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

October 1st & 2nd, 2012
Sentry Centers
730 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10017

Tutorials: Monday 1

The Methods of Sharding MySQL
Speaker(s): Tim Ellis

Percona XtraBackup: install, usage, tricks
Speaker(s): Vadim Tkachenko, Alexey Kopytov

Creating Full-text based services with Sphinx and MySQL
Speaker(s): Vladimir Fedorkov

Percona XtraDB Cluster in practice
Speaker(s): Jay Janssen

Innodb and XtraDB Architecture and Performance Optimization
Speaker(s): Peter Zaitsev

Percona Replication Manager and DRBD
Speaker(s): Yves Trudeau

Using Percona Server in Production
Speaker(s): Peter Zaitsev

Managing MySQL with Percona Toolkit
Speaker(s): Marcos Albe, Fernando Ipar

Understanding Performance through Measurement, Benchmarking and Profiling
Speaker(s): René Cannaò

Schedule: Tuesday 2

Automated MySQL Fault Detection
Speaker(s): Baron Schwartz

Speaker(s): Ryan Huddleston

Breakthrough Scalability for Ruby on Rails with MySQL
Speaker(s): Clayton Cole

Building a Fast Globally-distributed Data Warehouse with MySQL and NDB
Speaker(s): Daniel Austin

Building a Hadoop/MySQL Hybrid Datawarehouse
Speaker(s): Tim Ellis

Consolidate your sharded database indexes in real-time
Speaker(s): Jeff Mace

Database Profiling and Optimization
Speaker(s): Neil Harkins

Deploying Flash Memory for MySQL
Speaker(s): Bill Bodei

Diagnosing & Fixing MySQL Replication
Speaker(s): Devananda van der Veen

Facebook Timeline Backend
Speaker(s): Ryan Mack

Future-Proofing MySQL for the World-Wide Data Revolution
Speaker(s): Robert Hodges

Galera Cluster - Best Practices
Speaker(s): Seppo Jaakola

How quickly and cheaply can you build a modern web application?
Speaker(s): Luke Welling

Live Demo: MySQL Load Balancing, Auto Read-Write Split & Caching in less than 45 minutes
Speaker(s): Varun Singh

Managing large sharded topologies with Jetpants
Speaker(s): Evan Elias

MariaDB 5.5 and what comes next
Speaker(s): Colin Charles

MySQL Acceleration through new Flash Storage API Primitives
Speaker(s): Torben Mathiasen

MySQL and SSD: usage and tuning
Speaker(s): Vadim Tkachenko

MySQL Backup and Recovery Essentials
Speaker(s): Ronald Bradford

MySQL Indexing: Best Practices
Speaker(s): Peter Zaitsev

MySQL: Replication can be enough for heavy traffic.
Speaker(s): Ralf Schwoebel

Opening Keynote: MySQL Ecosystem in 2012
Speaker(s): Peter Zaitsev

Optimizing MySQL Configuration
Speaker(s): Peter Zaitsev

Percona Toolkit Recipes
Speaker(s): Fernando Ipar, Ryan Lowe, Marcos Albe

Percona XtraDB Cluster: HA solution for MySQL
Speaker(s): Vadim Tkachenko

Performance @ Speed of Thought – A Vzw case study
Speaker(s): Shivinder Singh, Erick Franco

Performance of Stored Routines in MySQL
Speaker(s): Daniel Austin

Performance Tuning Amazon ec2 and RDS
Speaker(s): Fernando Ipar, Ryan Lowe, Marcos Albe

Renormalize - The sequel to SQL
Speaker(s): Ori Herrnstadt

Rescuing your legacy database abstraction layer
Speaker(s): John Mertic

Running a high performance LAMP stack on a $20 Virtual server
Speaker(s): Jay Janssen

Solving Large-Scale Database Administration with Continuent Tungsten
Speaker(s): Robert Hodges, Neil Armitage

Solving the Challenges of Big Databases with MySQL
Speaker(s): Bradley C. Kuszmaul

Synchronous Replication Use Cases
Speaker(s): Seppo Jaakola

The Hazards of Multi-writing in a Dual-Master Setup
Speaker(s): Jay Janssen

Upgrading from MySQL 5.0 to 5.5
Speaker(s): Bayard Carlin

Vitess - Scaling MySQL at YouTube
Speaker(s): Sugu Sougoumarane, Mike Solomon

Zero-downtime Schema Changes
Speaker(s): Arie Kachler