Performance Monitoring at Scale

Database Administration
3 April 2:00PM - 2:50PM @ Ballroom G

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
If you have thousands or tens of thousands of MySQL instances, performance monitoring becomes more difficult. You need to determine meaningful performance indicators and monitor them properly. In this session, the speaker will describe how he monitors performance at Facebook. At least the following topics will be covered. * what kinds of metrics are meaningful and what are not * read/write iops on flash and hdd * differences between exec time and wall time * p99, p95 and average numbers * proper monitoring on mixed H/W servers * space monitoring -- differences between file size, fragmented pages and unfragmented pages * how to get stack traces from running mysqld with minimal overhead


Database Engineer, Facebook
Yoshinori is a database engineer at Facebook. Before joining Facebook, Yoshinori was a database and infrastructure architect at DeNA, living in Tokyo. Yoshinori's primary responsibility at DeNA is to make our database infrastructure more reliable, faster and more scalable. Before joining DeNA, Yoshinori worked at MySQL/Sun/Oracle as a lead consultant in APAC for four years. Yoshinori has written eight MySQL related technical books so far and has published technical articles about MySQL, Linux, and Java for a monthly database magazine since 2004.