MySQL, Private Cloud Infrastructure and OpenStack

3 April 9:35AM - 10:00AM

25 minutes keynote
Join Sean Chighizola, Senior Director of Database Administration at Big Fish Games as he talks about the value of private clouds and the challenges with cost, management and interoperability between private cloud and employer managed data centers.  Sean will share his unique perspective on how OpenStack was leveraged for server provisioning and trends in the private cloud space.


VP of IT Operations, Big Fish Games
Sean Chighizola is the VP of IT Operations at Big Fish Games.. He has extensive knowledge of leveraging MySQL and MySQL Cluster to build and support high transaction volume ecommerce websites. His recent primary focus has been building interoperability between private cloud provider and Big Fish datacenters to support database infrastructure of scalable online games. Prior to Big Fish he worked at Intelius Inc and TraceRegister LLC and is a member of The Society for Information Management (SIM).